V-And-V Conference

Visioneers and Venturers

Annual Conference May 15 -16, 2020

Exploring the Interdisciplinary Connectivity Between the

Humanities and Entrepreneurship


SUNY Poly’s Joint Center for Creativity, Design, and Venturing (JCCDV) invites your participation in “Visioneers and Venturers,” a conference bringing together diverse scholars, practitioners, and students to explore connections among humanistic inquiry, arts and design production, and entrepreneurship.

The conference is open to both those who would like to present their work and those who want to simply attend, engage, and learn. If you are interested in being a presenter, please submit a 250 word abstract of your conference contribution at vvconference.org by Monday, September 30, 2019, for initial peer-reviewed consideration. To learn more about the conference, go to vvconference.org.

Participation in the conference can represent early-stage, formative research and development, or later-stage, established findings, practices, and creations, that inform perspectives and open new directions in the integration of perspectives to create and maintain ethical ventures, both theoretical and applied, and both for- and non-profit. 

The Visioneers and Venturers conference will result in the generation and dissemination of scholarship, action research, pedagogies, and other lines of inquiry in the form of peer-reviewed, open access publications in print and online platforms, including its own Journal of Creative and Ethical Venturing, following the conference.

The JCCDV was formed in November of 2017 by a grant from the State University of New York System Performance Improvements Funds project. The center is co-directed by Drs. Robert Edgell (College of Business Management) and Daryl Lee (College of Arts & Sciences) and is supported by funding from sources including the National Endowment for the Arts, NYSTEC, and State University of New York System Performance Improvements Funds. 

The JCCDV will enable multiple interdisciplinary activities including research, student engagement, and community engagement and aims to address the following needs:

  • Students need: Ethical reasoning, creativity, and venturing efficacy
  • Communities need: Brain gain, economic vitality, and sustainability
  • SUNY Poly needs: Improved Excels (PIP), institutionalization of key experiential learning components, greater research on economic vitality, and more students engaged in venturing

This conference invites you to participate in generating:

  • BREAKTHROUGH IDEAS! Opportunities to develop your own and share with others.
  • CUTTING-EDGE SIGNATURE SESSIONS AND DISCUSSIONS! Learn from thought leaders and peers with similar interests; share your experiences and brainstorm for creative solutions to everyday challenges.
  • ACCESS TO SUCCESS! Develop your networks for the future by interacting with industry executives and minority business owners, scholars and creators, and current and future professionals.


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