Educational Outreach and Internships Council (2016-2017)

Ex Officio:

Chief Executive Officer of CNSE CMOST or designee: Catherine Gilbert

Student Affairs Public Education Coordinator: Elaine Garrett (Chair)

Teaching Faculty: At least four and not more than seven Teaching Faculty, one of whom must be a Senator.

  1. Magnus Bergkvist 
  2. Sara Brenner
  3. Susan Sharfstein
  4. Yubing Xie

Professional Faculty: At least one and not more than three Professional Faculty

  1. Jeraldine Lake
  2. Stephen Stewart

Graduate Students: At least one and not more than two Graduate Students, one a Senator

  1. Ashish Parbatani
  2. Jenny Passage

Undergraduate Students: At least one and not more than two Undergraduate Students, one a Senator

  1. Daniel Kaloustian
  2. Brian Kelner

Part-time Faculty and/or Research Foundation: Not more than two voting members selected from Faculty or Staff who are not students or Voting Faculty.

  1. Brian Gast
  2. Nakesha Smith


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