3D Printing and Design Club


3D print club will be a pedestal to present the colleges 3D printing lab, and show off students projects. The club will inspire students to work on collaborative projects, and operate 3D printing machinery, with aid of the 3D Printer student assistants. Meetings will be focused on 3D printer education: including, but not limited to: 3D design for printing, using slicing software, material properties, etc.

What does this club present to the college?

The 3D Print club will represent the college positively, bringing creative students together to showcase their work. The club will make use of the 3D printing lab, and the new Additive Manufacturing Lab in the CGAM facilities. The presence of the 3D Print club in the CGAM facilities will assure the space is being used for a good purpose, visitors will see projects and the workspace filled with operating machines, which presents a positive image for the school.


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