Information Design & Technology (Graduate) - Student Profiles

IDT students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and fields, including education, communications, graphic design, computer programming, and librarianship. Many of them plan to be instructional designers, web researchers, or to go into higher education teaching or information technology-related careers. Below is a small selection of student profiles:


Diana Sheffer – Rochester, NYdiana sheffer

I have a B.S. in Organizational Management from Roberts Wesleyan College and I will soon complete my Masters degree in IDT from SUNY Poly. I am a Buyer with a company called Ecovation, and I have over ten years of experience in accounting, facilities, project management, and purchasing. I am very interested in reusable energy and sustainability, and personally I practice a small portion of sustainability by heating our house with a wood pellet stove. I would like to further investigate sustainability, so I selected SUNY Poly’s Information Design & Technology masters program to help me practice better communication and to gain knowledge of all the new information that is presented in our world today.”


Christopher Roth – Queens, NYchris roth

“I am currently a student in the IDT Master’s program at SUNY Poly. I decided to take a class as a non-matriculated student in the summer of 2009. I entered the program the following semester and have had a great experience so far. The classes are well organized, present great applications of design, and offer students a technology-driven approach to learning. The faculty is excellent and always attentive to the students needs. Upon completion of the program, I plan to focus my attention on instructional design and educational technology. I hope to be teaching the same practices that I have learned from the IDT program in the near future.”


Dan Smith – Ilion, NYdan smith

“I chose the IDT Master’s program because it incorporates Design and Technology into one degree. I have a strong background in technology due to my bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering Technology. I have always enjoyed design and decided that I would combine the two areas that I enjoy and take this master’s program. I am very satisfied with my experience thus far. I think that there is no better area to study than the new technologies of today. Technology is the way of the future with newer and better things being developed every day. Right now I work for the United States Postal Service, my degree doesn’t have anything to do with what I do for a living right now. But, someday I hope to teach design and technology at the college level.”

Other comments about the program from our students:

  • The faculty have been responsive and available. I am happy I chose the program.
  • I’ve had a nice experience so far. Everyone is very helpful and encouraging.
  • At times I feel I’m in over my head with balancing a full time job, part time job and balancing the work load with the program. I firmly believe an online program is a lot more work but it is convenient as well. I am learning a lot and up for the challenge! I am choosing to hang tough and keep going!
  • I think the program is great. The IDT community is knowledgeable and the professors are wonderful. I have enjoyed learning from other students because our backgrounds are different and professors have really put an effort into making the online courses engaging.
  • It’s the most rigorous online education I’ve found.
  • I find the program to be very interesting. I’m learning a lot.
  • It’s great! I learned a lot of theory during my A.A.S, much more hands-on for my B.S., and now I’m back to theory – I think it’s very necessary, and I’m thankful to have the opportunity – high school students know how to use the programs, the theory behind it is what sets us apart.
  • IDT program has worked great for me. I have learned about the computer world, colors, imaging, reasoning behind pictures, and how important information is in general.

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