Network + Computer Security - Degree Requirements

B.S. in Network and Computer Security (NCS) — 124 total credits

Students shall satisfy the requirements listed below.


I. SUNY General Education Requirements (30 credits)

All SUNY students must satisfy the following requirements.

No fewer than 30 credits must be attained from the SUNY approved General Education Course List with the following provisions:

• Mathematics (see NCS specific requirements below)
• Basic Communication (ENG 101 or equivalent)

At least five (5) out of the following eight (8) SUNY General Education categories:

  • Natural Science
  • Social Science
  • American History
  • Western Civilization
  • Other World Civilization
  • Humanities
  • The Arts
  • Foreign Language

NOTE: You may take more than one course in a given category to complete this 30 credit hour requirement, but you must also satisfy the appropriate number of categories.


II. Liberal Arts/Sciences Requirements

The New York State Education Department (SED) requires a student earning a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree to attain no fewer than 60 credits of combined SUNY General Education and Liberal Arts/Sciences courses. There may be overlap between courses meeting both the SUNY General Education Requirements and Liberal Arts/Sciences Requirements, but a student may receive course credits only once even if multiple requirements are satisfied by a single course. The total number of combined credit hours must be no fewer than 60 credits.

SUNY Polytechnic Institute degree requirements:

Natural Sciences

  • One General Education Natural Science course.

Upper-Division Writing Course
  • See the Catalog descriptions of COM and ENG courses to find specific courses that satisfy this requirement.

Specific requirements for NCS majors include:

Mathematics, Science, and Oral Communications
  • MAT 112/151 Calculus
  • STA 100/225 Statistics
  • MAT 115/413 Finite/Discrete Math (Minimum grade of "C" required for this course or its transfer equivalent.)
  • COM 300 Oral Communication
  • A General Education Natural Science course that incorporates a lab.

III. Professional Coursework

To earn a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Network and Computer Security, a student must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 in their professional coursework.

A. Core Courses (6 courses)
  • CS 108 Computing Fundamentals (Minimum grade of "C" required for this course or its transfer equivalent.)
  • NCS 181 Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • NCS 205 Introduction to Linux
  • NCS 210 Network Transmission Technology
  • CS 220 Computer Organization
  • CS 240 Data Structures and Algorithms
B. Intermediate Coursework (5 courses)
  • NCS 315 Networking and Information Systems
  • NCS 320 Information Assurance Fundamentals
  • IS 320 Systems Analysis and Design
  • NCS 330 Information Assurance Ethics, Policies and Disaster Recovery
  • NCS 350 Wireless Systems and Security
C. Advanced Electives (3 courses)

Must include 2 NCS courses taken at SUNY Poly

  • NCS 316 Data Network Design
  • NCS 384 Network Intrusion Detection
  • NCS 416 Digital and Internet Telephony
  • NCS 425 Internetworking
  • NCS 430 Penetration Testing
  • NCS 435 Computer and Network Forensics
  • NCS 440 Virtualization
  • NCS 450 Network Security
  • NCS 460 Advanced Wireless Security
  • NCS 470 Reverse Engineering
  • NCS 480 Internet of Things Security
  • NCS 490 Special Topics in Network and Computer Security
  • NCS 494 Network and Computer Security Internship

Courses marked with * have CS course prerequisites beyond Cybersecurity degree requirements.

  • CS 370* Software Engineering
  • CS 381* Computer Security and Cryptography
  • CS 407* UNIX System Administration
  • CS 441* Computer Systems Architecture
  • CS 445* UNIX Network Programming
  • CS 454* System Simulation
  • CS 477* Algorithms
  • IS 340* E-Commerce
  • IS 470* Database Programming
D. Capstone - 2 credits
  • NCS 495 Network and Computer Security Capstone


IV. Open Electives: Balance of 124

Additional coursework as required totaling 124 credits.

This program requires first-year students to purchase a laptop for use in classes and labs. The faculty feel that laptops are an important tool for a student’s education. Details regarding laptop specifications will be sent to new admitted students prior to enrollment.


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