Psychology - Degree Requirements

The general requirements for the B.A. degree in Psychology ensure students have a basic knowledge of mathematics, science, computer science, and liberal arts. The required psychology courses stresses theoretical understanding of the principles of psychology, as well as practical applications to the solution of human problems.

To earn a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in psychology, a student must fulfill the following requirements:

1. Satisfactory completion of at least 124 semester hours of college-level work distributed as follows:
        A. General Education Requirements                                                 54 credits
        B. Program Requirements                                                                   40 credits
        C. General Electives                                                                               30 credits
                                                                                                     Total            124 credits
2. Satisfactory completion of at least 60 semester hours of upper division college work, at least 30 of which must be taken at SUNY Polytechnic Institute.
3. No more than 30 semester hours in professional courses outside the arts and sciences.
4. Achievement of at least 2.00 cumulative quality point average in coursework taken at SUNY Poly.
5. A grade of “C” or higher is required in all core courses (PSY 305, 310, 385, 493) and statistics for degree in psychology.


Group I – General Education Requirements (33-34 credits) Credits
Mathematics (MAT111 or equivalent) 3-4
Natural Sciences  
     Lab Sciences 3-4
     Other Sciences 3-4
Social Sciences (ANT, ECO, GOG, POS, SOC, STS) 9-12
American History 3-4
Western Civilization 3-4
American History 3-4
Western Civilization 3-4
Other World Civilizations 3-4
Humanities 3-4
The Arts 3-4
Foreign Language 3-4
Basic Communication 3-4
Upper Division Writing 4
Statistics(Intro Statistics) 3-4
Arts & Science Electives(to total 54) 3-4
Group II – Program Requirements (38-34 credits) Credits
A.  Foundation of Psychology 3-4
B.  Intermediate Courses 8
          Choose from the following (or equivalent):  
          PSY 220           Lifespan Development Psychology  
          PSY 222           Abnormal Psychology  
          PSY 242           Social Psychology  
          PSY 262           Learning and Motivation  
          PSY 273           Dying Death and Bereavement  
          PSY 331           Psychology of Personality  
          PSY 360           Perception  
          PSY 377           Health Psychology  
C.  Advanced Courses 12
          Choose from the following  
          PSY 415           Psychology of Aggression & Non-Violence  
          PSY 425           Cognitive Psychology  
          PSY 444           Applied Social Psychology  
          PSY 445           Group Dynamics and Interpersonal Communication  
          PSY 460           Neuropsychology  
          PSY 470           Psychological Testing  
          PSY 477           Principles of Psychological Counseling  
D.  Core Courses 16
Psychology majors must complete the following core courses.  
Courses are ordinarily taken in successive semesters in the order shown:  
          PSY 405           History and Systems of Psychology  
          PSY 310           Research Methods in Psychology  
          PSY 385           Evaluation Research  
          PSY 493           Senior Seminar in Psychology  
Group III – General Electives (30 credits)  
College-level courses in any discipline which carry SUNY Poly or transferable credit. See (2) and (3) under Degree Requirements for the psychology program.  



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