Blackboard Login Help

Login Help

Blackboard login page
In the Blackboard Login module shown below, click on LOGIN HERE and login with your "activate" SITNet ID.  Do not use the "Login" link in the upper right corner of the screen as it is for non-SITNET ID holders.

Blackboard login button image

Login Problem Reasons:

  • Logging into the wrong place. The "Login" link in the upper right corner is for non-SITNet ID accounts and does not recognize SITNet IDs.
  • SITNet ID has not been activated. Activate your SITNet ID
  • Mistyped passwords
  • Forgot password or using an old password. Remember, password changes in Banner are for you SITNet ID. Reset SITNet Password
  • Using the wrong login credentials
  • Browser settings and issues
  • New students do not have an account in Blackboard yet.
  • Processing for the semester has not begun.

Contact the ITS Helpdesk if you need assistance.

Browser Help

Some login problems are due to browser versions and settings.  Refer to the Open SUNY Browser Compatibility module on the Blackboard login page for how to correct problems. 

The OpenSUNY HelpDesk is provides support and assistance for Blackboard and Collaborate including browser issues.  You may be able to correct problems yourself with the links below before contacting the OpenSUNY HelpDesk.

Use the right browser
Adjust cookie settings
Adjust pop-up settings
Clear cache & cookies
Open SUNY Browser Compatibility help

Avoiding Problems

  • Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • Clear the browser cache and cookies on a weekly basis.
  • Always compose your work off-line and save it as a file on your computer. You can copy/paste from the saved file into the text box, or attach and upload the saved file. These precautions will help prevent data loss.
  • Always use a hardwired network connection when taking on-line exams and tests.
  • Always use the Logout button to exit Blackboard. Do not close the browser to exit.
  • Do not open Blackboard in multiple windows or tabs. It can cause you to lose your login session and work.

Additional tips to avoid problems are in the Open SUNY Blackboard Student Orientation.

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