Ensemble Video is a powerful online video platform that allows you to manage all your media content such as video, audio and images. With Ensemble video you have a secure location to upload video you want to easily add to your courses. Think of it as a private Youtube for SUNY Polytechnic Institute.

Ensemble Anthem is a powerful Mac and Windows screen-capture solution supporting your lecture capture, screen capture and flipped learning needs. Ensemble Anthem enables users to easily record your screen movements with audio, and/or record video from a webcam. Once the user has finished their screen capture it is automatically uploaded into their Ensemble Video library and can be auto-published to any playlist or Blackboard.

Finally, you have deployment flexibility with Ensemble Anthem, Ensemble Anthem can be loaded on personal computers for personal capture and Ensemble Anthem Pro can be loaded on managed Windows computers for capture in classrooms, labs and auditoriums!

Deliver Video Anytime, Anywhere Overview


Logging into Ensemble Video

You can use the link below or access Ensemble right from Blackboard

Ensemble Mobile App

Use the EnsembleLive mobile app to broadcast and record on-the-go from a phone or tablet.


  • iOS and Android App Features
  • Stream and record with Ensemble Video
  • Easy to configure and use HD Quality
  • Automatic configuration from an Ensemble Video link
  • Front and rear camera support (includes portrait orientation)
  • Intuitive, contextual help screen
  • Torch mode, Auto Restart, Touch to focus and expose
  • Push notification suppression to enable "do-not-disturb" mode while streaming
  • Works with Ensemble Video 3.12 and above

Download the Mobile App


What Workflow Should I Use When I Upload a Video

When uploading there are 3 workflows:

GOOD - Use for most uploads if not all recording. This setting will give you the best quality video while saving space on our Ensemble account cloud drive. 

Screen Recordings - Use this for recording how-to videos on your computer. This will give you very clear text and images when doing screen recordings.

BEST - Full HD, Please use sparingly. If you are not uploading HD content, do not use this setting.

Auto-Captioning - We will be rolling out auto-captioning to the campus. If you create a lot of video lecture content, please contact Kevin Volo, to be given access to captioning.




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