COVID-19 Pandemic Studies - Summer Semester

Study the pandemic's effect on our global society

Spend six weeks of your summer exploring the COVID-19 pandemic through courses in anthropology, history, writing, nanotechnology, photography, 3D printing, and more.

Pandemic Studies Semester Information

These courses are designed for anyone interested in learning more about the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on all facets of global life, including the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields. These courses are not limited to SUNY Poly students, they are open to everyone from high school and college students wanting to earn college credit, to those who are just interested in studying the pandemic in an academic environment.


  • Students can earn up to six credits, including General Education


  • July 6 - August 14

The courses will be held in a virtual environment.

Available Courses

Students are given the option of two types of courses, Artifacts and Perspective, to complete the Pandemic Studies Semester. Students must create a course bundle by taking one Artifacts course and one Perspective course to complete the semester and receive credit.

In the Artifacts Courses students will:

  • Create, design and present artifacts such as videos or photographic images reflecting the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Engage with other students producing the same types of artifacts while studying different perspectives
  • Receive critique on assignments and a grade in the course from the Artifacts professor

In the Perspective Courses students will:

  • Explore the COVID-19 pandemic from a perspective you choose, such as the nanoscience or anthropological
  • Engage with other students producing different types of digital artifacts while studying the same perspective
  • Receive evaluations on assignments and a grade in the course from the Perspective professor

Explore the available courses and build your course bundle

Additional Information

  • Tuition + Fees: 
    • New York Residents: $295 per credit hour + $1.70 fees per credit hour
    • Non New York Residents $353 per credit hour + $1.70 fees per credit hour
  • Auditing a Course: Students may register for one class for credit, either a perspective or an artifact, and audit a second class to create a bundle. Students auditing a class do not pay tuition, do not receive credit, and do not receive grades for submitted assignments.
  • General Education Credits: These courses satisfy SUNY general education requirements
  • To Register: Build your course bundle and register

Special Program for High School Students

Get a head start on your college career by learning about these era-defining events. You can choose to register for a full bundle (6 credits), or you can take one course and audit another (3 credits). After you register, you will be assigned a mentor from our SUNY Poly family to guide you through this experience. You must be 16 years or older to register for classes.

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