Undergraduate Research Program

The Summer 2018 SUNY Poly Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) placements will be available at both SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s Albany and Utica campuses. This opportunity will provide innovative hands-on education and experience to qualified SUNY Poly undergraduate students who will work closely with our world-class faculty, staff, post-doctoral researchers and graduate students.

What is the SURP experience?

While at SUNY Polytechnic Institute, summer researchers have the unique opportunity to participate in projects that integrate state-of-the-art research currently underway at SUNY Poly. At the conclusion of the SURP, students will present their research at two poster sessions, one in Utica and another in Albany. Student researchers will present their results to SUNY Poly’s faculty, students, staff and representatives of its global corporate partners.

This year, there will be three options for you to participate in research at either the Utica or Albany campus:

A) Scholarship Research. This program is nearly identical to the 10-week Summer Internship Program of previous years. The award for the Scholarship Research Program is competitively based and a stipend of $400 per week, for a total of $4,000 for a full-time effort for 10 weeks (40 hours per week) will be offered to each research scholar. This option is only available to SUNY Poly students who have not previously participated in the internship program. Competition for these positions will be significant, as there will only be 36-40 total positions available (across both campuses).

B) Inter-Campus Research. Typically, students are only allowed to participate in one SUNY Poly summer research program. However, SUNY Poly students who have demonstrated excellent research capabilities in their first summer research program can apply to the Inter-Campus Research Program for a second SUNY Poly internship at a different campus than where they did their first internship (Utica or Albany). Like option A, described above, this is a paid position with a stipend of $400 per week, for a total of $4,000 for a full-time effort for 10 weeks (40 hours per week). This program will run concurrently with the scholarship research program. The number of positions available within the cross campus research program will be 0-4 students; therefore, the selection process for this program will be highly competitive, and a bit more involved than for the scholarship research program.

C) Summer-Term Research. Students who are not eligible or not selected for options A or B may also participate in research this summer, as part of a 10-week extensive summer-school research program. Students will have to apply, and be matched into a research group, in order to be accepted into the program, but positions in this program will not be as competitive. Students will earn up to 3 credits for their work in this program that will apply to their SUNY Poly degree at a cost in tuition of $ 279 per credit. Unlike the other options, the Summer Term Research is open to undergraduates from other institutions.

Who should apply?

SUNY Poly undergraduate students who are seeking a one-of-a-kind experience working with world-class faculty and industry-leading companies in cutting-edge facilities should apply for the SUNY Poly Undergraduate Research Program.

For option (A), any SUNY Poly student in good academic standing is welcome to apply. Prior research experience is not required for consideration.

For option (B), (Cross-Campus Research) students must have already participated in summer research at SUNY Poly and be available to work at the alternate campus.

For option (C), any SUNY Poly student may apply. Applications from students attending outside institutions will also be accepted.

Application Deadline

The deadline for submission is Friday, March 23rd, 2018, and applications received after this will not be considered. Awardees will be notified via email on or around April 6, 2018. Please make sure that the email address listed in the application is current and checked on a regular basis.

Program Details

The duration of the SURP is 10 weeks beginning on Tuesday, May 29th through Friday, August 3rd 2018. Researchers must commit to the entire 10 week duration; absences will be excused for illness and family emergency only. Students will present their research at two poster sessions, one in Utica and another in Albany.

  • Utica: Thursday August 2nd
  • Albany: Friday, August 3rd

For each summer researcher participating in options A and B, the award for the SUNY Poly Undergraduate Research Program will be a stipend of $400 per week, for a total of $4,000 for a full-time effort for 10 weeks (40 hours per week).

The cost of participating in the (C) Summer-Term Research Program will vary according to credit hours taken.

Expenses related to travel, lodging and meals are the responsibility of each researcher. On-campus housing is expected to be available at the University at Albany’s Empire Commons and Utica’s Residence Halls. (For reference, the 2017 UAlbany rate was $200/week for shared apartment style housing. For Utica, the cost is expected to be $150/week with a mandatory meal plan.) Further information regarding housing will be sent to awardees with offer letters.

Application Information

Please see the detailed lists of projects available at the Albany and Utica campuses.

To apply for the 2018 SUNY Poly Undergraduate Research Program, students in Option A and B must complete an online application form, as well as submit a statement of interest, resume and unofficial school transcript. Option C will submit materials directly, and will receive a registration forms to complete if matched.

Student Applications will require:

1. For Scholarship Researchers (Option A) and Inter-Campus Researchers (Option B):

Application for Option A and Option B

  • Resume
  • Statement of Interest
  • Unofficial school transcript with GPA
  • Listing of top three research positions

    Option B (in addition to what is listed above):

  • A slide-by-slide version of poster from previous undergraduate research program.
  • Letter of recommendation from previous research advisor

    • Option B applicants should ask their previous research advisor to send a letter of recommendation to Professor Robert Brainard (rbrainard@sunypoly.edu) by e-mail. E-mail subject header should be: SURP LoR.

2. Option C:

  • Please submit by email to egarrett@sunypoly.edu the following documents:
    • Resume
    • Statement of Interest
    • Unofficial school transcript with GPA
    • Listing of top three research positions
  • If selected to join a research team, the SURP committee will be in touch with the additional necessary registration forms (i.e. non matriculated registration forms for non SUNY Poly students) and the total costs based on number of credits desired.

Further Information

Questions concerning the application process may be directed to Elaine Garrett, Public Education and Outreach Coordinator, at egarrett@sunypoly.edu. We ask that you provide your name and a clear phone number or e-mail address where a response will reach you.


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