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SUNY Poly's Albany Campus

All full-time applicants to the graduate nano programs will automatically be considered for research assistantship funding. Learn more

SUNY Poly's Utica Campus

Application Process

US citizens/Permanent residents are required to submit the online

Full-time international applicants requiring a visa will be automatically considered for assistantship. (Learn more.)


  • domestic students earn $2,200 per semester
  • international students earn $4,000 per semester

(The total number of awards made each semester is based on the availability of funding. The awards come in the form of a cash stipend and are paid out bi-weekly.)

Application Deadlines
July 1 for fall consideration | December 1 for spring consideration

Types of Assistantships

  • Research Assistant | Assist a faculty member with a research project which can include engaging in literature searches; preparing bibliographies; assisting with experimentation; compiling, processing and analyzing data; performing various clerical and editorial duties relating to the research. Positions available in most academic departments. 
  • Teaching Assistant | Assist a faculty member with the delivery of their course(s), either classroom/lab or online based. Duties can include: assist in the development of new material for their courses; reading papers and grading student assignments; supplementing faculty instruction by facilitating a discussion session or tutorial; assisting with classroom supervision; performing various clerical duties such as record keeping, copying, and distributing reading materials, preparing answer keys and notes. Positions available in most academic departments. 
  • Lab Assistant | Monitor the entrance/exit activity in the lab; maintain the tidiness of the lab and ensure that it is stocked with the necessary supplies; troubleshoot problems within the lab; assist in the preparation of upcoming lab sessions; provide student support and customer service to those requiring technical assistance in the lab; perform miscellaneous duties as requested by the supervisors. Positions available in most academic departments. 
  • Information Technology Services (ITS) Assistant | Assist with technically related campus projects. Duties can include: troubleshooting system and equipment problems; training in faculty/student/staff on use of various systems/software; assist with the development of technical processes and systems in various offices across campus. 
  • Program Assistant | Perform a variety of entry level professional duties related to the hiring office. duties can include: assist with event planning and projects; web site development and updates; data analysis and record keeping. Positions are frequently available in the following offices: Athletics, Career Services, Disability Services, Educational Opportunity Program, Enrollment Marketing, Library Services, Residential Life & Housing, Student Activities, and Student Success & Learning Center.
    See Program Assistant Job Descriptions.

Students awarded a graduate assistantship must enroll for a minimum of nine credit hours of graduate coursework per semester. 

Assistantship Information for SUNY Poly  Utica Faculty & Staff

Contact the Graduate Admissions Office with questions at or 315-792-7347.


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