International Admissions - Graduate Assistantships

Assistantship Opportunities for SUNY Poly Utica 

(MS in Computer & Information Science, Cybersecurity: Network & Computer Security)

Application Process  
All full-time international applicants for admission will automatically be considered for an assistantship at the time that their application is reviewed for admission. GA offer letters will be mailed shortly after acceptance. This is based on a first-come first-served basis until the funding is exhausted each semester.

Award Levels 
For new international students, awards will be $12,000.00 ($4,000.00 per semester up to a maximum of three semesters).

Types of Assistantships (sample)

  • Research Assistant | Assist a faculty member with a research project which can include engaging in literature searches; preparing bibliographies; assisting with experimentation; compiling, processing and analyzing data; performing various clerical and editorial duties relating to the research.  Positions available in most academic departments.
  • Teaching Assistant | Assist a faculty member with the delivery of their course(s), either classroom/lab or online based.  Duties can include: assist in the development of new material for their courses; reading papers and grading student assignments; supplementing faculty instruction by facilitating a discussion session or tutorial; assisting with classroom supervision; performing various clerical duties such as record keeping, copying, and distributing reading materials, preparing answer keys and notes. Positions available in most academic departments.
  • Lab Assistant | Monitor the entrance/exit activity in the lab; maintain the tidiness of the lab and ensure that it is stocked with necessary supplied; troubleshoot problems within the lab; assist in the preparation of upcoming lab sessions; provide student support and customer service to those requiring technical assistance in the lab; perform miscellaneous duties as requested by the supervisor. Positions available in most academic departments.
  • Information Technology Services (ITS) Assistant | Assist with technically related campus projects.  Duties can include: troubleshooting system and equipment problems; training faculty/students/staff on use of various systems/software; assist with the development of technical processes and systems in various offices across campus.
  • Program Assistant | Perform a variety of entry level professional duties related to the hiring office.  Duties can include: assist with event planning and projects; web site development and updates; collating materials/presentations; data analysis and record keeping. Positions are frequently available in the following campus offices: Athletics, Campus & Corporate Events, Career Services, Disability Services, Educational Opportunity Program, Enrollment Marketing, International Student Services, Library Services, Residential Life & Housing, Student Activities, and Student Success & Learning Center


Tze-Teck Sim, PDSO
Deputy Director, International Admissions & Student Services
Undergraduate and Graduate programs
Tel: +1 315-792-7219
Fax: +1 315-792-7221


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