Undergraduate Admission Requirements

For All Undergraduate Programs at Utica Campus Only

Admission to the State University of New York Polytechnic Institute (SUNY Poly) is competitive and based on academic qualifications, proof of financial support, recommendation letter(s), and English language proficiency test score.

First-Year Applicants

any person...any study.

You are a first-year student if:

  • You are currently enrolled in high school, even if you've completed college credits while in high school; or
  • You've graduated from high school and have never attended college; or
  • You've been enrolled in college but will have completed fewer than 12 academic college credits by the time you enroll at SUNY Poly

Application Deadlines: Fall Semester - July 1

International students completed their high school/secondary school from outside the U.S. must submit one of the following test scores:

High School Grade TOEFL IELTS PTE iTEP
85% and above

79 and above

(ETS School Code: 2896)

6.0 and above 53 and above 4.4 and above

Exemption from the English Proficiency Test if they:

  • Have graduated from a U.S. accredited high school or English is the native language
  • Are transferring or hold a degree from an U.S. accredited university or college
  • Speak English as their native language. This exemption refers to students from Australia, the Bahamas, Belize, the British Isles, England, New Zealand, English-speaking Canadian provinces, the Fiji Islands, Jamaica, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Ghana, Gambia, Liberia, the Virgin Islands, the West Indies, Trinidad, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nigeria, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland, Holland, France, Germany, Sweden, and Norway

Mandatory for applicants who are exempt from the English proficiency test

Applicants must submit SAT score (College Board School Code: 0755) of 1100 or better when combining the critical reading and math sections or ACT (ACT Code: 2953) of 24 or better in composite score

Mandatory for applicants who speak English as their second language

Applicants must submit either TOEFL, IELTS, PTE or iTEP

Transfer Applicants

Students who have completed at least 30 semester credits from a regionally-accredited college or university after high school should apply as transfer students.  

  • A minimum of 2.7 or higher cumulative GPA by U.S. standards from university coursework is required
  • Some applicants may be required to submit transcripts to a foreign credit evaluation service such as World Education Services www.wes.org or www.ece.org for evaluation.

Please note: Transcripts and academic documents must be translated in English.

All international applications are required to submit proof of financial ability to support yourself or be supported by a sponsor. No applicant can be admitted without this proof. To learn more, please read the Financial Documentation Requirement.

For All Undergraduate Programs in Albany Campus Only

Application Deadlines: Fall Semester - July 1

International students completed their high school/secondary school from outside the U.S. must submit one of the following test scores:

High School Grade TOEFL IELTS
87.5% and above

100 and above

(ETS School Code: 2896)

7.5 and above

To meet minimum eligibility criteria each applicant to the SUNY Poly College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering (CNSE) Nanoscale Engineering or Nanoscale Science Program must complete or have completed the following courses and curricula with superior performance by the time they enter the program:

  • Four years of high school mathematics through pre-calculus
  • Four years of high school science to include a minimum of one course each in: biology, chemistry, and physics
  • The standard high school curriculum in English, social science, humanities, and foreign languages

Generally, first-year applicants should carry at least a B/B+ average in a college-preparatory program and have achieved an SAT score in the 1160-1290 range (or approximately a 24-27 composite ACT score). Admission is based on high school average, SAT or ACT scores, strength of coursework and other relevant supplemental information. All applicants are reviewed on an individual basis


Tze-Teck Sim, PDSO
Deputy Director, International Admissions & Student Services
Undergraduate and Graduate programs
Email: tsim@sunypoly.edu
Tel: +1 315-792-7219
Fax: +1 315-792-7221


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