Course and research work focuses on the design, processing, fabrication, testing, and integration of nanoelectronic structures and devices for incorporation in emerging gigascale and terascale integrated circuit systems and architectures. Also includes the development of integrated process modules for novel nanoelectronics materials.

Faculty members for research coursework: Profs. Spyros Galis, Mengbing Huang, Vincent LaBella, Ji Ung Lee, Serge Oktyabrsky, Shadi Shahedipour, Woongje Sung

Designated Courses:
NENG 406 Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics (4 Cr - Fall)
Introduces students to nanoscale electronic devices.  Includes basic, band theory-derived operation of semiconductor devices including p-n junctions (diodes) and transistors (bi-polar and classic field-effect devices). Classic, solid-state analysis of energy bands, electrostatic band-bending, diffusion current, drift current, carrier generation, and carrier recombination in both equilibrium and field-biased conditions. This analysis is combined with the introduction/review of quantum statistics for holes and electrons. Specific applications are treated with respect to metal-semiconductor contacts and selected semi-metal (carbon) systems. Students will be introduced to device-level testing through the use of advanced wafer level probes in the CNSE 300mm full flow process facility.  

NENG 412 Micro and Nano Devices and Circuits (3 Cr - Fall)
Micro-and nanoelectronic device definition, configuration, and modeling – including nanoelectronic circuit analysis and design. This course presents operational electronic principles of semiconductor devices (diodes and field-effect(MOS) devices) in terms of electronic transport and development of compact circuit models. Approaches and techniques to analyze and design transistor-based circuits are presented including low-swing and large-signal approaches. Exemplars are analyzed including basic amplification integrated circuits.  

NENG 413 Nanoscale Optical and Optoelectronic Devices (3 Cr - Spring)
Introduces the student to integrated nanoscale optical and optoelectronic devices. Material focuses on semiconductor-based devices including integrated optical modulators, detectors, laser diodes and special devices including vertical cavity-based geometries. Fabrication of nanoscale optical and optoelectronic devices will center on monolithic integration (e.g. Si-Ge based devices) and hybrid (e.g. III-V_+Si) integrated systems incorporating integrated waveguides (Si photonics) and CMOS.System applications of optoelectronic devices will be discussed.  

NENG 414 Applications of Fields and Waves to Nanoscale Systems (3 Cr - Spring)
Starting from Maxwell’s Equations, this course explores fundamental properties of quasistatic and dynamic properties of electromagnetic waves including: radiation, diffraction, plane waves in lossless and lossy media, skin effect, flow of electromagnetic power, Poynting’s Theorem, interaction of fields with matter and particles, and applies these concepts to nanoscale systems and devices.

NENG 451 Nanophotonics (3 Cr - Fall)
Presents and reviews recent advances in nanophotonic devices/systems and photonic integrated circuits (PICs). Includes operating principles of nanophotonic devices (light sources, modulators, couplers, waveguides, and optical plasmonics) and PIC fabrication methodologies including monolithic and polylithic integration schemes.



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