Nanoscale Lithography

Course and research work emphasizes the design, development and engineering of nanolithography systems, components, and processes. Also included are the development and engineering of materials and metrologies for nanolithography.

Faculty members for research coursework: Profs Gregory Denbeaux and Robert Brainard

Designated Courses:
NENG 441 Nanoscale Patterning (3 Cr – Spring Even years)
The class will follow the transition of a sample pattern from a CAD file to its physical realization for both production manufacturing and research. Topics covered include optical reduction lithography, electron beam lithography, imprint lithography and resist systems. Sources of error and error characterization of pattern placement, size control and pattern fidelity. Practical limits of resolution will be discussed.

NENG 442 Light Optics for Nanoengineering (3 Cr – Spring Odd years)
Applied optics for nanoscale patterning and metrology. Paraxial optics, lens makers equation, 3rd order optics, Seidel aberrations, Zernike polynomials, compound systems, numerical aperture, diffraction limit. Specific examples applied to lithography using 193nm immersion and EUV techniques. Optical specifications for patterning and metrology equipment including economic tradeoffs are covered as well as techniques for optical resolution enhancement.

NENG 443 Charged Particle Optics for Nanoengineering (3 Cr - Fall)
Applied optics using charged particles for nanoscale patterning and metrology. Lorentz force law, electrostatic and magneto static lenses. Sources, correction and deflection elements, geometrical optics based upon relativistic classical mechanics, quantum based wave optics are introduced.



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