Announcing NYBPC Mohawk Valley Regional 2023

Friday, March 3, 2023 - 08:18
Student Announcements

2023 New York Business Plan Competition (NYBPC) for the Mohawk Valley.

Do you want to make a difference and have an impact on the world while developing your creative and entrepreneurial skills? Do you have a novel idea for an innovative business, but are uncertain how to develop it? Do you need help bringing to market a technology idea that can improve lives? Would you benefit from experience teaming with others to pitch a concept?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then you should consider entering the Mohawk Valley NYBPC. Please see the linked NYPBC 2023 Rulebook for detailed information and requirements about the competition.

The competition is open to all students from all universities in our MV region, all disciplines, and all levels–both undergraduate and graduate. Students are encouraged to form diverse teams and collectively have fun developing their ideas. The competition gives students the opportunity to bring concepts for new useful and inventive technologies and businesses to life. Students do not need a background in business to join forces with others and enter the competition.

Pitching involves presenting aspects of your startup venture idea for judges to evaluate and give feedback. Pitches explain in simple terms how the proposed venture addresses a particular problem or opportunity, what sorts of products are offered as the solution, who are the customers, what makes the venture’s products unique, and how the startup will be organized and operated. See page 8 of the attached guide for more information. To learn about effective pitching, watch this video: How to Pitch your Startup in 3 Minutes.

Past student participants have remarked that the competition benefited them in several ways including becoming more capable through experiential learning, being nudged to finally develop their dream ideas, getting valuable feedback from expert judges, being recognized and awarded with cash prizes, and having the chance to get funding for their new ventures.

For our region, we will switch to an in-person event given the easing of the pandemic. However, students are still required to submit recorded video pitches prior to the regional event. If you would like to create a business concept then pitch it in this exciting completion, please mark your calendars with the following dates:

  • Sunday, February 19, 2023: Students complete the initial registration form (click on this link) no later than this date. Click this link for a PDF of the information that is required for students to complete this initial form. Only one team member needs to complete this form.
  • Sunday, March 12, 2023: Students must apply officially to the state-level NYBPC organization using this application form (click on this link) no later than this date. Click on this link for a PDF of the information that is required for this form.
  • Tuesday, April 11, 2023: Students submit all pitch materials and final team information using the final submission form (link to be provided by the NYBPC state-level organizers) no later than this date. Only one team member needs to complete this form.
  • Friday, April 14, 2023: Students pitch in-person at SUNY Polytechnic Institute in Utica, NY. SUNY Poly announces the MV regional winners on this date.
  • Tuesday, April 18, 2023: MV winning students’ deadline to submit materials for the state finals.
  • Thursday, April 27, 2023: Winning students compete at state final in-person in Syracuse, NY.

 Here are a few other considerations:

  • Submission Requirements: The submission requirements remain unchanged from previous years and include the following materials: Executive summary (one page); slide deck; video pitch presentation (five minutes minimum to eight minutes maximum); and additional remarks to judges (up to 1,500 characters maximum).
  • Pitch Time: Students have eight minutes maximum for their recorded pitches.
  • Tracks: The competition is arranged in categories, called tracks, at both the regional and state levels of competition. This year, the tracks are as follows:
    • Safety, Power & Mobility: Defense, Energy First Responder, Infrastructure, Mobility & Transportation
    • Health & Wellbeing: Health IT, Life Science, Medtech, Wellbeing
    • Food & Agtech: Agricultural Technology, Food Product, Food Service
    • Learn, Work & Play: Education, Entertainment, Gaming, Media, Art
    • Products & Hardware: Pitches that do not fit into other tracks
    • Software & Services: Pitches that do not fit into other tracks
  • Prizes: All regional winners will be recognized and eligible to participate at the state level. The top three winners will be awarded cash prizes.
  • Coaching: As a reminder, our local MV Small Business Development Center (MV SBDC) offers business planning coaching to students. Also, if students need help getting started with their venture concepts, the ThINCubator offers concept development coaching. For these services, please email requests to and complete the appointment form at
  • Courses: The College of Business offers two courses that students might find useful for preparing their venture concepts and pitches: ENT 375 and ENT 575.  

To inspire and help you get started, here are a few other videos that demystify the prototyping and planning processes: Rapid Prototyping; The Business Model Canvas - 9 Steps to Creating a Successful Business Model - Startup Tips; and Why Having a Business Plan is Important.

For an overview of the state-level competition structure, please see

If you need advice or help with developing your concept or have general questions, please feel free to contact me. If you plan to participate, you should contact your college advisors and complete the initial registration form.

I wish all of you an outstanding 2023! Warm regards,
Professor Edgell
Professor of Technology Management
College of Business



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