CBM Research Round-table Speaker Series - Tuesday, Feb. 25

Tuesday, February 25, 2020 - 09:02
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The College of Business Management (CBM) - Research Round-Table Speaker Series

Date: Tuesday, February 25
Time: Noon - 2 pm
Location: Donovan Hall, Room 1107

Dr. Phat Luong
Assistant Professor, College of Business Management
SUNY Polytechnic Institute

"Location Basis Differentials in Crude Oil Prices"
12:00 pm - 12:55 pm

Abstract: We examine the long-run pricing relationship among crude oil prices at the North Sea (Brent) and Cushing (WTI) delivery points. The Brent-WTI location basis differential is stable until December 2009, but it widens to record levels in the next two years. We report on recent changes in the crude oil market that causes the prices to move apart. Brent and WTI prices are co-integrated prior to this structural break, but not between 2010 and 2015. Since the U.S. lifted the crude oil export ban in December 2015, Brent and WTI prices have reintegrated. U.S. retail gasoline prices respond to Brent and WTI before January 2010 and then only to Brent afterwards.

Dr. Jim Staihar
Assistant Professor
College of Business Management
SUNY Polytechnic Institute

“Issues in Business Ethics”
1:00 pm - 1:55 pm

Abstract: Among instructors of applied ethics, there is a debate over how much fundamental moral theories should be taught or whether they should be taught at all in an applied ethics course. There is controversy over the practical value of teaching fundamental moral theories in any applied ethics course, including a course on accounting ethics. In my paper, I defend a role for teaching moral theories in accounting ethics education. I argue that a critical study of some competing fundamental moral theories can help students analyze accounting ethics cases and understand what is expected of them under the principles of the code of ethics adopted by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Biography: Jim Staihar joined the SUNY Polytechnic Institute's College of Business Management as an Assistant Professor in the Spring 2018. Previously, he served as the inaugural Fishlinger Family Endowed Scholar at the University of Maryland's Center for the Study of Business Ethics, Regulation, and Crime, and he worked as an Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business. Before joining the faculty at Maryland, he served as a Law and Public Affairs Fellow at Princeton University and a Law and Philosophy Fellow at the University of Chicago Law School. He earned a Ph.D. in Philosophy at the University of Michigan and a J.D. from Harvard Law School. His research and teaching interests include business ethics, business law, and criminal law theory. He has published papers in law and humanities journals.

For more information, please contact Dr. Marie-Odile Richard at richarm3@sunypoly.edu.


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