The Club Funding Board is looking for some new members!

Thursday, September 17, 2020 - 12:00
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Council member - The council member is the front person of CFB. They are generally the first contact for most clubs with questions, you either answer them or can direct them to a specific CFB member to answer. You are also crucial to the process for clubs getting extra funding. During this process you and 4 others will vote to decide on if the club will get their requested money.

Quartermaster - The quartermaster is responsible for keeping track of inventories and packages that the clubs have. You will work with Auxiliary services to set up a time to and day to pick up packages and deliver them to the SGU office. You will also be in charge of keeping track of all the club's inventories.

These positions are essential for the success of our club's, and while some of our positions have changed due to the ongoing pandemic, we want to push through and provide an amazing experience for everybody!

If you're interested in either position, please email for more information and to set up an interview.


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