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Friday, November 5, 2021 - 08:35
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NYS-Ride (pronounced NICE Ride) is a pre-tax benefit that helps NYS employees save money on public transportation costs and contributes to a greener environment. This program is sponsored by GOER and administered by Edenred Benefit Solutions (Edenred).

You can use your commuter benefit to pay for a variety of public transit costs with pre-tax dollars. It’s like a discount on your eligible commuter expenses.

When you enroll, simply choose your fare and agree to payroll deductions. Your order will be sent directly to you.

Employees who are new to the benefit can enroll at https://login.edenredbenefits.com/NYS-Ride/NYSRegistration.aspx and find more program information at https://goer.ny.gov/nys-ride. Employees who need assistance can email fsa@goer.ny.gov or call Edenred’s customer service team at (888) 235-9223.

Employees who had NYS-Ride commuter orders with WageWorks will see that their orders have been imported into Edenred’s system and they will receive an email notifying them of how to register and access their accounts. If you have not received an email, contact Edenred’s customer service team at (888) 235-9223.

E-Z Pass Discount Commuter Plans

For frequent users of the New York State Thruway, there are discount plans such as the "Tag Specific Commuter Discount Plans". Please see information on this below.

Tag Specific Commuter Discount Plans-
Thruway Annual Permit Plan: An annual fee covers the toll for the first 30 miles or less per trip on the Thruway system, except when you cross the Castleton-on-Hudson Bridge, where a $0.62 surcharge is applied.

For more information on this or other plans, please see the following website: https://www.thruway.ny.gov/ezpass/discount.html


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