Recalled Hand Sanitizer - a Message from EHS

Thursday, June 25, 2020 - 08:56
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Update from the Office of Environmental Health and Safety

SUNY Poly has been made aware of a recent FDA recall of hand sanitizers made in Mexico containing methanol We want to assure you that SUNY Poly does not utilize any of these recalled items.  

SUNY Poly is providing Hand Sanitizer Stands at Main Entrances to all buildings and limited other locations on campus that utilize “SYMMETRY FOAMING HAND SANITIZER with Aloe & Vitamin E” which contains Ethyl Alcohol. Office and other locations may be provided with larger (1/2 gallon pumps) and small personal hand sanitizer spray bottles from NYS Clean (Corcraft) called CLEAN Hand Sanitizer, which contains Isopropanol. These materials are safe to use on hands when hand washing facilities are not available. As with any of these types of products, the alcohol contained in the sanitizer is flammable, so care should be taken around these items to prevent spills, fires, excessive heat, or sparks.  

Other containers of hand sanitizers purchased and used by employees for personal use should meet the FDA requirements for consumer goods. Please follow label directions when using and storing these items.

If you have any questions regarding these materials, please contact the Environmental Health & Safety Office in Utica at 315-792-7101 or email; or in Albany contact EHS at 518-956-7229.


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