Reminder on the State's Elimination of Bottled Water

Monday, November 11, 2019 - 09:08
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In 2009 the Governor’s office issued Executive Order #18 to eliminate the purchase and use of bottled water at executive agency facilities. It is designed to promote sustainability, save taxpayer dollars, and promotes the use of tap water as a preferred alternative. The order requires that using state funds to purchase bottled water be eliminated. This applies to both single serve bottles and larger dispenser-size bottles. The Executive Order also requires each state agency that may have purchased bottled water using state funds, report these purchases in an annual report that is submitted to the Commissioner of General Services.

SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s Procurement Office requests that all departments and offices make every effort to not purchase bottled water, either through the requisition or procurement card processes. If there is a need to purchase bottled water, please document the requirements for bottled water in detail and provide them to the Procurement Office prior to the purchase so they can be reported appropriately.

Requests or transactions for bottled water that are not documented will be the responsibility of the staff/faculty member or procurement cardholder and will be invoiced directly.

Any department or office that wishes to retain water coolers/bottled water can do so, but must remit payment from personal funds directly to the vendor.

Auxiliary Services/Sodexo will be able to provide bottled water as part of its catering function for public events that include visitors to the campus. When completing catering requests, please make every effort to first make use of tap water alternatives. Bottled water can be used if the use of tap water for the event is impractical. Bottled water will continue to be available for purchase in vending machines, cafes and the bookstore.

There are numerous water fountains located throughout the campus and facilities is in the process of installing refilling stations. Please utilize these sources and the aforementioned purchase locations for your hydration needs. FAQ’s regarding the executive order can be found at:


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