Spring 2020 Early Warning System

Friday, March 13, 2020 - 08:58
Faculty Announcements

Our campus-wide Early Warning System is now available to all Spring 2020 instructors. I encourage all faculty to participate in this program. We doubled the number of faculty who used the system in the fall to 90 instructors in comparison to 42 from last spring. We also doubled the number of mid-semester grades of D’s and F’s who received an early alert bringing the percentage from 18% last spring to 39% this fall.  Thank you for your contributions to increasing the alerts to notify the students of academic concerns.  Student Success as well as other student support offices on campus use the alerts to reach out to students to try to assist them to improve their performance in your courses.   
Participation is easy: go to BannerWeb, enter the secure area, and follow the directions below. You will need to bring up the Banner screen for each class that you teach, and mark individual students as not being in good standing and any additional information you’d like to check off. That’s it! Thanks for your help in improving our student retention efforts.
Steve Schneider
Interim Provost

Summary of System
Students who are identified in the Early Warning System receive an automatic email regarding the concerns. This email will be sent to the student, to you, to the Student Success office, and the students’ academic advisor, noting your concerns submitted. Please note, you must select “Good standing- No” for the email to be generated to the student and to the student success office. 
The Student Success office will follow up with concerns submitted where tutoring is available and the information will be shared with other appropriate people on campus to help reach out to students when needed. 
Reasons to notify a student for Early Warning include missing classes, missing or insufficient homework, and/or weak performance on tests/quizzes/papers. Your cooperation and participation in this system is very much appreciated. 
Dates/Times to participate: Tuesday February 18 through March 12, although submissions can still come after those dates if needed. 
You can participate in the Early Warning System through Banner. Note: After you click “Save Changes” you have to click “Complete/Submit.” After it is submitted you will not be able to make any changes and you can only complete the form once. The email letter is immediately generated. Please review the accuracy of your posting before you choose to “complete/submit.”
Thanks for your contributions to students success.

From Michelle Kent-Landes:
Detailed Explanation and Sample Email (pdf)


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