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Friday, June 24, 2022 - 08:30
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SUNY Poly will continue to use the workplace flexibility telecommuting program for its employees, effective through August 31, 2022; all employee telecommuting programs will remain in effect through that date. SUNY’s policy will support telecommuting where it is reasonable to do so, based on SUNY Poly’s operational and program needs, and based on the sole discretion of management, as allowed by the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations and SUNY via updated telecommuting agreements with employee union representation.
The policy that governs this program (linked and posted on the HR webpage) has the same parameters that were in place through the end of June 2022, with time spent working from one’s telecommuting location not to exceed five days per biweekly pay period. It requires work plans and progress reports (posted on the HR webpage) for any period of time working from an alternate work location. There are also items contained in the policy whereby you will need to attest to your agreement and understanding. Each employee interested in submitting an application should review it carefully before deciding to apply; those who have already telecommuted under this program may continue to do so unless informed otherwise by their supervisor.
New Applicants
Any new applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis. While the policy requires documentation, approvals, an attestation and bi-weekly progress reports, below is a quick list of how to move forward. This list is not exhaustive; please review the policy and application carefully.   

Should you have any questions, please reach out to me at or (518) 956-7362.



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