Utica Campus Student Pooled Testing Update

Friday, January 1, 2021 - 17:18
Student Announcements

Beginning Monday, September 28, the testing location will take place in the Campus Center on the upper level walking track. Be sure to fill out the testing app prior to coming to take part in pooled testing at https://www.suny-covid-test.com/.

In order to make this process as efficient as possible for everyone taking part, please note the following reminders:

  1. Within the three hours before the test, you cannot brush your teeth or use mouthwash.
  2. Within 30 minutes before the test you cannot eat or drink anything, including mints, gum, or lozenges.
  3. Within 30 minutes before the test you cannot smoke or use smokeless tobacco products or e-cigarettes.

In order to implement the reflex testing process, you will need to be aware of the following:

  • Because it includes new/additional questions, you must fill out the testing app prior to coming to take part in pooled testing. Detailed app instructions are located here: https://sunypoly.edu/sites/default/files/fall2020plan/SUNY-COVID-19-Web-App-Overview.pdf.
  • Please use your U# for “Institutional ID."
  • The web application requires providing your health insurance information; if you do not have health insurance and cannot get this information prior to the test, please let the staff at the testing site know and they will provide you with further instructions.
  • The pooled surveillance test is free to you; SUNY Poly covers the costs. If you are part of a presumed positive pool, reflex testing will be completed and you/your insurance will be billed accordingly.

 More information can be viewed here: https://sunypoly.edu/covid19/student-testing.html


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