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Testing Protocols May Have Changed for You – What You Need to Know

  • There are different COVID-19 testing requirements and protocols for you to follow depending on your location (Utica or Albany) and vaccination status.
  • Please select your status below (and view the latest definition of fully vaccinated here) to find out how to comply with the testing procedures that apply to you:

I am a student based at the Albany or Utica campus

Important Information

Based on guidance provided by SUNY System Administration, the student COVID-19 pooled surveillance testing plans have been updated as indicated above and below to comply with the Spring/Summer 2022 testing requirements before, during, and after arrival to campus as SUNY Poly seeks to mitigate the potential spread of SARS-CoV-2. If extra testing is required at any point to ensure campus health and safety, you will be contacted with details.

The definition of “fully vaccinated” may be subject to change. Please see the FAQ regarding full vaccination for the latest definition.

Those Who Have Not Provided Proof of Full Vaccination:

Mandatory weekly testing will continue for any student who has a physical presence on campus and who has an approved exemption on file with the Wellness Center. Any unvaccinated students who will be on campus (including instruction, co-curricular activities, use of facilities such as the Library, Dining services, Fitness Center, and meetings) must have an approved exemption and shall be tested regularly as detailed at the link for “I am a student at the Utica campus,” above.

Those Who Have Provided Proof of Full Vaccination:

Fully vaccinated students may opt-out from mandatory weekly testing upon the submission of documentation to the Wellness Center showing completion of a full vaccination series (see above for link to definition, which is subject to change based on final recommendations from FDA and CDC on booster shots). Please note that fully vaccinated individuals are required to take part in surveillance testing based on the schedule in the testing protocols that pertain to them (see links above) to test for breakthrough positive cases based on the evolving pandemic.

Protocols to comply with these requirements are detailed for both SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s Utica and Albany campuses.

As federal, state, local, and SUNY health guidance changes due to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, SUNY Poly’s rules will also evolve as the institution receives new guidance and/or regulations are promulgated. SUNY Poly reserves the right to change its policy in regards to these matters and will provide updates as needed on the SUNY Poly website.

Additional Testing Options

In lieu of a campus pooled test, a community-based acquired PCR (or TMA-NAAT) test can be submitted instead to, taken no earlier than the Sunday for that week and no later than Friday of that week. Please note that the test must be a PCR or TMA-NAAT test; antibody and antigen tests will not be accepted as proof of a “negative” result.  A “positive” antigen test may be reported to local Health Departments and may be used to demonstrate a COVID-19 positive status.

To meet testing requirements in lieu of participating in pooled testing, you are encouraged to participate in Project Baseline testing, a free, individualized, community-based drive-through PCR testing process in which you fill out the intake form online, schedule a drive-through test at Rite Aids located throughout the region, and then electronically receive test results which you can then submit as indicated above. Obtaining a community-based PCR test through Project Baseline is fast, free, and provides the autonomy and convenience of meeting the testing requirements according to your personal schedule.

In addition, Walgreens Rapid Diagnostic testing (NAAT) information can also be obtained by visiting their website, where free testing can be scheduled, which often returns quick testing results.

More Information

Daily Screening

  • The daily screening, and/or seat check-in screening are no longer required to be completed.

NYS Travel Information

  • The New York State Department of Health refers travelers to the CDC for any requirements, restrictions, or recommendations on domestic and international travel.
  • For domestic travelers, the individual should research the requirements of the state / locality they are traveling to and follow all applicable requirements.
  • For international travelers, the CDC website provides country-by-country breakdowns and expectations for travelers. The website also includes a listing of prohibited travel from certain countries.
  • For questions, students may contact

For more information and answers to frequently asked questions, visit: Pooled Testing FAQs.


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