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This page is designed to provide the SUNY Poly community with up-to-date answers to frequently asked questions as we reopen our campuses to students, faculty, and staff. Note that these guidelines are subject to change based upon future guidance or mandates from SUNY or New York State.

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How is room and board being calculated for the fall 2020 semester?

The room rate for a full semester is $4,831 ($43/day) for a single room and $4,222 ($37.69/day) for a double room. Students are only billed for the days they are able to reside on campus during the semester. Typically, the days billed in a semester are 112, but due to the early semester start and the housing release at Thanksgiving, the number of days billed has been reduced to 95. This results in a fall 2020 semester charge of $4,085 for a single room and $3,581 for a double room. Should there be a need to close residence halls for health and safety reasons, the rate will be further adjusted. Supporting the health and safety of our residential students through efforts to decrease density in residential living environments, triple rooms cannot be offered at this time.
For the fall 2020 semester, SUNY Poly has also assigned students to the new Hilltop Hall, which would normally include a premium charged for its unique offerings, however, because this arrangement may not have been by a student’s choice, SUNY Poly suspended the premium for the 2020-2021 academic year; this discount is not expected to continue after this period.
A schedule will be posted soon regarding the cost reduction due to leaving campus early. Students who choose to leave campus, will not be eligible for a refund of housing and will follow the refund policy in place for housing.

Last Updated: Wed, August 05 2020 at 06:02 PM

Will I need to quarantine if I am traveling to or from out of state/internationally?

Yes. Effective 12:01am on Thursday, June 25, 2020, Governor Cuomo issued Executive Order 205 that requires individuals to quarantine for 14 days after traveling for 24 hours or longer within designated states that have significant rates of transmission of COVID-19. Visit the below for more information:

UPDATE: August 5, 2020

Procedures for students coming from highly infected states and countries

In order to follow New York State public health guidelines, SUNY Polytechnic Institute developed the following plan for out-of-state / international students who are required to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival to New York State. Students who are residents of/or have traveled to one of these states or territories must complete a 14-day quarantine prior to moving into their campus residence hall or returning to campus if residing off-campus.

All students coming from one of the high-risk locations listed on the New York State website are required to quarantine for 14 days after entering New York State. The 14 day quarantine will not occur on-campus. Students residing off-campus but attending courses and/or activities on-campus are also required to complete the 14 day quarantine, complete the online health form (below) required by New York State and submit a screen shot of the completed form to SUNY Poly.

International students who have been traveling out of state or internationally must follow up with Tze Teck Sim, Deputy Director, International Admissions and Student Services at to discuss individual circumstances. International students who have traveled to one of the designated states with travel restrictions for New York State are required to quarantine for 14 days in New York or another state not on the restricted list prior to campus and complete the required process noted below.

Currently, residential students in this situation have three options:

  1. Complete the required quarantine in New York state (or another location not subject to the quarantine requirement) independently prior to move-in day.
  2. Enroll in online course instruction for the fall term. A room will be guaranteed for the spring semester for those who remain out of state for the entirety of the semester.
  3. Enroll in online course instruction for the fall term and upon release of travel restrictions for individual states, move on-campus for the remainder of the semester. Room and board will be prorated to accommodate this situation based on arrival dates.  

All students (on or off-campus) who are required to quarantine must complete the New York State Traveler Health Form in advance of the 14-day quarantine period. Find the form and more information online ( Students must then forward a screen shot of the completed New York State Traveler Health Form. Residential students submit their forms to in advance of move-in. Students not residing on-campus must submit their forms to   

Students unable to quarantine off campus prior to arrival are encouraged to reach out for assistance with altering their academic schedule to an online format and to discuss options for returning to campus in the spring term.  

To complement these efforts, all SUNY Poly students living in New York State or any state not listed under a current New York State travel advisory are requested to conduct a seven day precautionary quarantine before coming to campus. This is a critical additional protective measure to reduce the risks of viral transmission.

Last Updated: Wed, August 05 2020 at 05:59 PM

Will students need to be tested for COVID-19 before returning to campus?

A COVID-19 test is not a requirement to attend SUNY Poly’s Utica campus at this time.

Last Updated: Wed, August 05 2020 at 06:08 PM

What Activity Fees can students expect to pay for the fall 2020 semester?

While some activities may be provided in an adapted manner due to the impact of COVID-19, the following services will be offered with their associated fees. Students can expect to pay:

  • A $15 Alumni fee supporting alumni services; including those found here;
  • A $30 Career Services fee to support career opportunities during your academic experience as well as upon graduation and as an alum;
  • A $167 Health fee, which includes tele-counseling and tele-medicine options and services, which are available for all students regardless of the student’s course load modality and is not an insurance premium;
  • A $243 Intercollegiate Athletic fee which supports the athletic program during the fall term in anticipation of fall sport athletic competitions being held in the spring;
  • A $55 Parking fee, which can be waived if you will not be bringing a vehicle to campus. The waiver can be found at:
  • A $125/$105 Student Activity fee for students based at the Utica and Albany campus, respectively, as determined by and managed by each respective student government body; and
  • A $164 Technology fee supporting the technology infrastructure for each campus and enabling online education capabilities and resources.

All fees referenced above are based on a full course load of 12 credits or more. Students who are part time will be charge a pro-rated amount based on registered credit hours. The Intercollegiate Athletic fee is currently under review in consultation with the athletic conference given the unique impact of COVID-19, and any potential updates will be shared with students. If changed, this would be reflected on students’ billing statements.

Some spring 2020 fees, where services and/or programming were not available, were reimbursed to students as a result of the impact of the pandemic. For additional questions, or to inquire about the individual fee waiver process, please first contact the Bursar’s Office at For questions related to the Student Activity fee, please consult with student government leaders for more information as the fee is determined by each campus’ student government organization.

Last Updated: Wed, August 05 2020 at 11:41 AM

Why is there a slight increase in dining services cost for fall 2020?

SUNY Poly Campus Dining Services' first priority is to support the health and safety of our students dining with us while making them feel comfortable to do so. COVID-19 has impacted how we provide dining services this upcoming academic year,  however, we still plan on offering a "dine-in" residential dining experience, a take-out option for students at the Campus Center residential dining hall, and retail dining operations in the Student Center, in addition to late night Poly Pizza. Students can expect the same quality of service, food, and options, especially for those with dietary restrictions. A modest pricing increase in the meal plans reflects our regular annual price increase for the cost of operations and food costs for students to enjoy the service they expect from their campus dining service provider. If you have any further questions regarding campus dining services, please contact either the Auxiliary Services or Campus Dining Services offices.

Last Updated: Tue, August 04 2020 at 04:55 PM

Where can employees pick up SUNY Poly-provided face coverings and hand sanitizer?

In our effort to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread on campus, SUNY Poly’s Utica campus will be providing cloth face coverings and hand sanitizer to all employees and students.

Beginning Tuesday, August 4, the University Police Department will have a package of washable/reusable cloth face coverings (5) and NYS Clean hand sanitizer spray bottles (2) available for all SUNY Poly Utica campus-based employees who have not already received these materials.

During normal business hours and upon your return to campus, you may go to the UP office or Gallery area outside the Bookstore in Kunsela Hall to obtain your materials. Please follow social distancing requirements when waiting for distribution of your materials.

Please note that similar information will be forthcoming for SUNY Poly faculty, staff, and students at the Albany campus.

Employees may utilize face coverings they have obtained from other sources while on campus. However, the face coverings should meet CDC and NYSDOH guidelines by fitting snugly on one’s face, covering the nose and mouth, being made of multiple layers, and not having an unfiltered breath valve. 

Last Updated: Tue, August 04 2020 at 04:33 PM

Will faculty members be provided a list of students who have not completed the screening questionnaire each day? How will a faculty member know about students who has not confirmed that s/he does not have the COVID-19 infection of symptoms?

At this time, student screening is expected to be reviewed by the Wellness Center. At this time a list of students who have completed the screening is not expected to be generated for review by faculty or staff. The process for daily health screening continues to be developed. If needed, faculty and other departments may request proof students have successfully completed the daily screening and may be on campus, in which case students can simply show their phone or email confirmation. It is expected that the use of face coverings, social distancing, and other efforts both in and out of the classroom, will reduce the risk of exposure to faculty and students.

Last Updated: Tue, August 04 2020 at 12:41 PM

Am I permitted to bring a box of disposable face coverings to my classroom for use by students?

If the face covering being offered covers the nose and mouth to the chin and fits the face of the user, it can be provided to students who do not have one. Please note that as active members of our community, and in consideration for the health and safety of others, students are expected to be prepared as they would in any other public place and should always have an extra face covering in their possession just in case. Additionally, there may be a reason the student is not wearing a face covering, including as a result of an ADA accommodation (please see FAQ, “What if I can’t medically tolerate a mask due to a disability?”).

Last Updated: Fri, July 31 2020 at 03:21 PM

Are there ways to proactively connect with my roommate ahead of move-in to discuss how to support each other’s health?

Once roommate matches are completed, each roommate will receive the other’s phone number and email address; we encourage each student to connect virtually to meet each other and discuss any living considerations ahead of move-in. SUNY Poly has implemented numerous protocols, such as a screening web app that all faculty, staff, and students must complete daily when anticipating being on campus. Everyone is required to social distance. Face coverings are also required to be worn while on campus, except in certain specific instances (such as in one’s dorm room or private office). On campus in-person events are being postponed to a time when guidance allows such events, and virtual events are encouraged. All positive cases will be reported to the local health department and SUNY Poly will continue to notify the campus community of each occurrence.

Last Updated: Fri, July 31 2020 at 02:43 PM

Where on campus are face coverings required and when can they be removed?

Face coverings that cover both the nose and mouth are required at all times when social distancing is not possible. Face coverings unless otherwise exempted or prohibited, shall be worn inside all buildings, classrooms, shared laboratory areas, conference rooms, restrooms, elevators, hallways, corridors, entrances, common areas, lobbies, offices, etc., and outdoors when in crowded areas such as walkways, entrances, during fire drills, etc.

  • All students, faculty, and staff will be required to cover their nose and mouth with a mask or face covering inside all buildings and outside when distancing (at least six feet) cannot be achieved.
  • This includes wearing a face mask/covering at all times while attending in-person classes.
  • The only exception to this is when students, faculty, and staff are inside their residence hall room, their private home, or their private office.
  • Students, faculty, and staff should bring reusable cloth face coverings if they are able. We anticipate being able to provide two reusable cloth face coverings to each student and five reusable cloth face coverings to each employee upon arrival to campus. We will be sharing tips and guidelines on how to regularly take care of and wash face coverings, which is an important part of infection mitigation.

The list below indicates if a face covering needs to be worn ("yes") or if it does not need to be worn ("no") in specific spaces. Please be aware that if "no" is indicated for a specific campus space, you should always be prepared to quickly put on a face covering while on campus.

Campus Space Yes No
Classroom Yes  
Common Areas Yes  
Common Study Area    
Computer Room Yes  
Conference Room Yes  
Corridor Yes  
Cubicle Yes  
Cubicle - at least 6 feet away from another person   No
Dining Spaces Yes  
Dining Spaces - while sitting down to eat   No
Elevator Yes  
Entrances Yes  
Hallways Yes  
Labs Yes  
Laundry Room Yes  
Lobbies Yes  
Office - alone   No
Office - with another person Yes  
Outdoors Yes  
Outdoors - at least 6 feet away from another person   No
Residence Hall Yes  
Residence Hall - in assigned room   No
Restroom Yes  
Stairways Yes  
Vehicle - alone   No
Vehicle - with another person Yes  
Walkway Yes  
Last Updated: Fri, July 31 2020 at 02:25 PM


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