What if I do not want to receive the COVID vaccine and will drop all of my in-person classes?

If you have not and do not plan to receive a COVID vaccine, you must drop your in-person classes via BannerWeb. If you are not vaccinated, you are permitted to enroll in online courses only (no in-person classes) and are not permitted to access any in-person campus activities or services.

No remote learning options are available for students who do not want to receive a COVID-19 vaccine outside of any courses already offered remotely. Students may not request a change in course modality to avoid receiving a COVID-19 vaccination, and faculty cannot accommodate such requests received. In addition, students should be aware that the SUNY tuition and fee refund policy remains in effect for any student who refuses to receive a vaccine and is not approved for an exemption.

Please review the academic calendar so that you are aware of tuition liability and add/drop deadlines.  If dropping your in-person classes results in moving from full-time to part-time status, please contact Financial Aid if you have any questions about your aid.

In very limited circumstances you may request an exemption from the COVID vaccination requirement for medical or other reasons. Any SUNY Poly student with a legitimate and documentable medical or other reason why they cannot receive the COVID-19 vaccine has until Monday, August 30, 2021, to submit an exemption request by utilizing the medical (available from wellnesscenter@sunypoly.edu) or other exemption (available from studentaffairs@sunypoly.edu) request forms. Detailed information must be provided. Students whose exemption request is denied will have five calendar days after receiving the exemption denial to receive their first vaccine dose and provide documentation to wellnesscenter@sunypoly.edu.


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