Where on campus are face coverings required and when can they be removed?

Pursuant to the September 3, 2021 Memorandum, “Updated Guidance for State Agency Telecommuting, COVID-19 Health Precautions, and Vaccination,” the following applies to all SUNY Poly campus facilities (this includes vehicles used for work activities with more than one individual present):

Use of Masks in State Offices and Facilities

Given changes in the CDC guidance and the resurgence in COVID-19 cases due to the Delta variant, State agencies occupying offices and facilities – including both State-owned and -leased properties – that are either (1) located in a county with high or substantial transmission of COVID-19 as determined by the CDC or (2) located in a jurisdiction that is subject to a local government issued mask mandate(s) or order(s) shall require individuals who are indoors to wear masks regardless of vaccination status. This requirement shall apply to employees, contractors, vendors, visitors, clients, and all other individuals who enter the indoor premises of such properties.

Effective immediately for State agencies with workplaces in areas that are subject to indoor masking due to CDC transmission risk or local government order(s), all individuals must wear masks when indoors, regardless of vaccination status, except when:

  • Alone in an office or room
  • Working at their desk or workstation
  • Actively eating or drinking

This mask provision applies to state agency workplaces that do not already have a superseding mask requirement in place (e.g., health care facilities, nursing homes, public transit, correctional facilities, etc.).

Additional information on the applicable CDC guidance and links to access the latest county-level CDC transmission levels are available at https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/cdc-guidance.

Am I allowed a “face covering break” while in class?
In general, face coverings should be worn through the class period. We ask students and faculty to refrain from eating and drinking in classrooms.  Straws may be used under masks to reduce the need for mask adjustment.

How can a bandana be used as a face covering?
In general, a single layer face covering is not acceptable. Review this document on how to use a bandana as a face covering (pdf) for guidance. Please note, “neck gaiters” or similar style single layer face coverings do not provide adequate protection and should be double or triple layered if possible. If that cannot be done, an alternate approved face covering should be used.

The list below indicates if a face covering needs to be worn ("yes") or if it does not need to be worn ("no") in specific spaces. Please be aware that if "no" is indicated for a specific campus space, you should always be prepared to quickly put on a face covering while on campus.

Campus Space Yes No
Classroom Yes  
Common Areas Yes  
Common Study Areas Yes  
Computer Room Yes  
Conference Room Yes  
Corridor Yes  
Cubicle / work station Yes  
Cubicle / work station - at least 6 feet away from another person   No
Dining Spaces Yes  

Dining Spaces - while eating, seated, preferably at least 6 feet away from another person. When not actively eating or drinking, or walking in the dining space, face coverings must be in place.

Elevator Yes  
Entrances Yes  
Hallways Yes  
Labs Yes  
Laundry Room Yes  
Lobbies Yes  
Office - alone   No
Office - with another person Yes  
Outdoors Yes** No**
Residence Hall Yes  
Residence Hall - in assigned room   No
Restroom Yes  
Stairways Yes  
Vehicle - alone   No
Vehicle - with another person Yes  
Walkway Yes  
Work areas - with others in the room Yes  
Work area - alone   No

** If alone outdoors and at least 6 feet away from others no face covering is required, however, a face covering should be readily available to don when in crowded settings or in settings or events where face coverings are specifically required. Face coverings are recommended outdoors when social distancing is not possible.


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