Due to concerns related to COVID-19 and with the health and welfare of our SUNY Poly community, the larger community, and those who visit our campus in mind, our institution has decided it is appropriate to postpone the upcoming FIRST Tech Challenge NY Excelsior Championship on March 14; the Central New York 2020 Regional FIRST Robotics Competition on March 18-21; and the FIRST LEGO League Junior Expo on March 21. This decision was very difficult because we know the teams, volunteers, and spectators are as passionate about these events as we are. We are assessing next steps, and more information will be posted at as it becomes available.


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FIRST® @ SUNY Polytechnic Institute hosts and facilitates numerous exciting K-12 youth robotics tournaments and events from August through March each year!

Thrilling, free, and open to the public.... go teams!

FIRST® is an international organization offering competitive robotics programs for K-12 students. 

Students experience the application of real-world STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) concepts and achieve hands-on computer programming and rapid-prototyping experience.

In addition FIRST participants cultivate valuable life skills such as brainstorming, creative problem solving, collaboration, teamwork, planning, time and money management, leadership, as well as research and many technical skills!

FIRST LEGO® League Junior

Grades K-3: Captures young curiosity directing it toward discovering the wonders of science and technology.

FIRST LEGO® League   

Grades 4-8: Students research a real-world engineering challenge and compete with LEGO MINDSTORMS robots of their own design.

FIRST Tech Challenge

Grades 7-12: Teams design, build, and program a customized robot to accomplish various tasks with and against other robots.

FIRST Robotics Competition

Grades 9-12: Exciting competition on a large and specially designed playing field with robots teams have designed, built, and programmed during a 6-week build cycle.
SUNY Poly hosts and mentors FRC Team 5030 The Second Mouse. 
Past and present SUNY Poly students serve as mentors and the Robot Lab resources are available to the team. 

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