Writing Help

Professional writing tutors are available to help you succeed in any stage of your writing, from brainstorming, organizing, and drafting to polishing your work and helping you to become proficient in proofreading.

Tutors are available to meet with you in person or online.


In-person Writing Help

You book a one-on-one appointment to meet with a professional writing tutor for 30 minutes in Cayan Library, located on the first floor in the conversation/study areas of the Learning Center. Please arrive a minute or two early in order to sign in via the kiosk for your appointment. Someone will be there to assist you if you need help signing in. Make sure to bring a printout of the writing you are working on, in addition to the specific instructions from the instructor about the assignment. The writing tutor will not proofread your draft to correct errors; instead, we focus on reviewing your draft for content and offering suggestions for improvement. It is helpful if you can explain what you would like help with (examples: “my professor tells me I have run-ons”; “I don’t know when to use commas”; “I am not sure how to organize my paper”; “I was asked to analyze and I’m not sure if this is analysis or summary”; ). If you are struggling to get started with an assignment, we are happy to help you clarify your understanding of the assignment and organize your process.

Each session is 30 minutes. Please be sure to sign out on the kiosk after your session.


Online Writing Help

You book a 30-minute session with one of the professional writing tutors via TutorTrac. After you book the session, please email your tutor. You will usually have an option of working on a document together in real time over Google Docs, or emailing your work to the tutor ahead of time. In both cases, make sure to include the assignment’s guidelines in the body of the email, in addition to specific instructions for what kind of feedback you’d like (such as grammar, structure, clarity, sentence-level suggestions, developing ideas, citation work, etc). We ask that you forward/“share” these materials no later than 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. The writing tutor will not proofread your draft for you, but will focus on reviewing your draft for content and offering suggestions for improvement.

Your draft with feedback is returned via email/Google Docs. You do not need to sign into TutorTrac for your session; the writing tutor will log your visit appropriately. While in some cases it is helpful to be available online during your session, you do not need to physically report to the Learning Center during your scheduled appointment time.



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Detailed information, brochures and forms can be mailed to you upon request.


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