Curriculum Builder

About Curriculum Builder

Curriculum Builder is a tool that allows faculty to search SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s Discovery service from within the Learning Management System (Blackboard) and place articles, e-books, and other library materials on reading lists that will then be automatically added to the course within Blackboard.  Below are simple steps to add reading lists to your course through the Curriculum Builder Tool in Blackboard.

Step 1–Select the Curriculum Builder Tool

Select content from the left navigation in the Blackboard course, and then from the content drop-down options, select Tools, and then Curriculum Builder.

screen shot of curriculum builder step 1

Step 2–Create Curriculum Builder Reading List

After you’ve selected the Curriculum Builder Tool, you’ll need to create the reading list.  You can have multiple reading lists per course.  Make sure to name the reading list so that your students know what to look for.  Additional instructions can also be entered in the “Description.”  When you’re done naming and describing, select the submit button.

screen shot of curriculum builder step 2

Step 3–Load the Reading List Search

After you have created the reading list, the list will show up within your course’s content.  Select the reading list to load the search screen for curriculum builder that will allow you to search library holdings and add items to your reading list.

screen shot of curriculum builder step 3

Step 4– Search for Readings for the Reading List

From the search screen, search for relevant readings using keywords, titles, or other criteria.

screen shot of curriculum builder step 4

Step 5–Add Readings to the Reading List

After you have searched, you can then select the “Add to Reading List” button to add items such as ebooks and journal articles to your reading list.

screen shot of curriculum builder step 5

Step 6– Review Reading List

As you’re creating your list, you can select “See Current Reading List” to view the list and add notes or instructions for students.

screen shot of curriculum builder step 6

Step 7–Verify Reading List in Student View

screen shot of curriculum builder step 7

After you have completed your reading list, we suggest you view it using the Student Preview mode in Blackboard to make sure you’re aware of what the students will be seeing when they are in Blackboard.


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