Located on a beautiful campus nestled among groomed wooded trails on the northern hills outside of Utica, New York, the campus is easily accessed via State Route 12.

The MVILR office is located in B234 Kunsela Hall, CPE Suite.

Visit the SUNY Polytechnic Institute website. At the SUNY Poly home page, click the Regional information link to access information about driving distances and parking. We have included a link to the college's campus map.

Transportation Information
Parking stickers are distributed to MVILR members. Please note that a sticker must be affixed to an individual car. It is not transferable.

Bus service from downtown Utica is available from Centro. For updated schedule information, call 315-797-7803.

Centro website: www.centro.org

Bus service from the Rome area is available from the Birnie Bus Company, providing transportation to downtown Utica, which then connects with Centro. Call Birnie Bus Company at 315-336-3950.

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