Approved + Registered, What's Next?

Activate Your Campus Computer Account

You must log in to Banner to activate your computer account (SITNet ID). The activation process includes the creation of a security question and answer, creation of a new password and acceptance of terms of usage and responsibility. After you complete the activation process, your SITNet ID will be ready to use within an hour.

Go to

Click on the Enter Secure Area link



loginPINUser IDPIN/Password:

University Number (9-digits: U00012345)

Birth Date (6-digits: MMDDYY e.g. 060892)

Click Login button

The screen to the right will be displayed.

Re-enter Old PIN (Reenter your birth date)

Enter new PIN: (Password requirements are listed on the screen)

Re-enter new PIN (For verification)

Click the Login button

Select a security question from the list provided or create your own. Answers are case sensitive.

Click the Submibutton when finished

Read the statements and click Continue until you reach the “Process Statement of Responsibility Agreement.”

You have just activated your SITNet ID. It will be ready to use within an hour. From this point forward, you will login to Banner and all other SUNY Polytechnic Institute computer and network resources with your SITNet ID.

For future reference, your SITNet ID can be found under the Personal Information menu in Banner. Select Display SITNet ID. The password is the 8 character PIN you just created.

Your SITNet ID is the login for many campus resources, including ANGEL, Banner, computer labs, library services, e-mail and Helpdesk ticket system. SITNet ID holders are responsible for all account activity associated with their SITNet IDs. To avoid use by anyone else, keep the password confidential, change it periodically and do not save it in e-mail clients or browsers.

Password changes are performed in the Banner system and are updated to all other systems within 20 minutes of the change.

Contact the ITS Helpdesk if you need assistance with your SITNet ID.
Location: Cayan Library
Phone:                 (315) 792-7440

Look Up & Begin Using Your E-mail Address

To look up your campus e-mail address, login to Banner Web ( It is located under the Personal Information menu and View Email address option.

Official college communications are sent to your SUNY Poly e-mail addresses. Please note that your billing statement will only be sent to your SUNY Poly e-mail address, so it’s important that you begin using this immediately after registering.

Remember to check this e-mail often and to use it for correspondence with all campus offices. SUNY Poly e-mail is accessible from an hour after your SITNet ID is activated.

Verify Your Contact Information

Open the Personal Information menu in banner and review your mailing address, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and emergency contact information. Call the Registrar’s office to correct any errors. Log off Banner Web. Click Exit.

Pay Your Bill

Check the Academic Calendar for the bill due date.

If you register for classes after the bill due date, payment will be expected at the time of registration. Please note that non-matriculated students are ineligible from receiving federal and state financial aid (TAP, Pell, Federal Direct Student Loan, etc.) for courses taken at SUNY Poly. However, a student may apply for a private student loan through a lender of his/her choice. Please contact the Financial Aid Office (315)-792-7210 or for additional information.

All students must also confirm their charges. If payment is not received and your charges are not confirmed, your registration may be cancelled and you will not be able to access/attend the course(s).

SUNY Poly uses e-Billing. Your billing statement will only be sent to your SUNY Poly e-mail address. Information on confirmation of charges and payment options (using QuikPay or the Time Payment Plan) can be found at

If your employer is providing you with tuition support, visit to learn about our Employer Sponsorship option.

Please note: A one-time Non-Matriculated Application fee of $25 will appear on your bill the first time you register for classes.

Get Started with Blackboard (If you are taking an online or hybrid class)

Note: Blackboard Learn replaced ANGEL on May 18.

Students registering for online or hybrid courses should go to the Online Learning website ( for information to get started, get help, and gain access to courses. Online courses open on the first day of classes.

We encourage all students to complete the Open SUNY Student Orientation.


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