Spring 2023 Orientation - Albany Campus

On behalf of the faculty and staff at the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) at SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s Albany campus, we look forward to welcoming you to CNSE for the Spring 2023 semester! Please ensure that you review and complete each of the following sections in order to ensure a smooth transition to campus.

We will be holding an in-person orientation to welcome you to campus on Friday, January 13, 2023. The agenda will be sent to your sunypoly.edu email address.

Updated information regarding COVID-19 will be provided via e-mail. Please click on this link to review "COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan for the Spring 2023 semester"

Safety Orientation and Lab Safety Training:

SUNY Poly is a secure facility. In order to access the facility, you must have badge access. All SUNY Poly Students are required to complete Laboratory Training and Safety Training and submit the corresponding quiz to receive a badge. Please use the link below to access the trainings. PLEASE NOTE: You only need to complete the Laboratory and Safety Trainings and submit the quiz, no other trainings apply. It is important that you complete this process (ASAP) prior to coming to campus as the review and approval take time. It is important that you review the instructions for downloading to ensure submission. This is mandatory and will clear the way for your badge access to campus. You need a badge every time you come into the facility. You will pick up your badge during the Orientation program on January 13.


As a reminder, always use your SUNY Poly email address.

The Office of Student Services at SUNY Polytechnic Institute - Albany provides a welcoming and supportive office for student needs.

Serving both undergraduate and graduate students at the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE), the Office of Student Services provides assistance to students on-campus, connecting students to the resources they need.

Visit the Student Services website here: https://sunypoly.edu/student-life/student-resources/student-services-albany.html


This section is mandatory for all students and includes information about SUNY Poly’s partnership with the University at Albany and how to access services on the UA campus.

SUNY Polytechnic Institute is proud to partner with the University at Albany to provide a variety of student services to SUNY Poly students. This partnership enables SUNY Poly's Albany students to access expanded opportunities through the University at Albany.

Please review this presentation for an overview of dining, meal plans and nutritional services, ID Card and Campus Funds, Mobile ID App, Banking and ATM's, Laundry and LaundryView App, Vending, and more.

For more information, hours of operation, directions and to make an appointment, visit: https://www.albany.edu/health_center/index.shtml.


For more information, hours of operation, directions and to make an appointment, visit: https://www.albany.edu/counseling_center/.

Please note that Dr. Montgomery, Chief Diversity Officer and Deputy Title IX Coordinator, is the current point of contact for Title IX.  Should you have questions, his contact information is included in the presentation. This training is mandatory

Welcome, Wildcats! This video, while appears to be from 2020-2021 based on the cover, includes current information as the content has not changed for the upcoming academic year. Please remember, you are responsible to adhere to both the Student Code of Conduct at SUNY Poly and U Albany. If you have any direct questions about the prohibited behaviors or the conduct process, do not hesitate to contact Megan Wyett Lennon at wyettm@sunypoly.edu!

View video:



Valerie Swenson
Director of Student Services
E-mail: swensov@sunypoly.edu
Phone: (518) 956-7337


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