SUNY Poly's Albany NanoTech Complex

ANT-00001-F1 R17 NY CREATES - SUNY Poly ID Access Card Request Form (.PDF)
ANT-00004 R7 SUNY Poly CNSE Contractor Safety Guide (.PDF)
Safety Orientation Registration Form (.PDF)

CFM Construction and Facilities Management

Work Authorization Permit System Flow Chart (.PDF)

CFM-00004 R31 Obtaining Work Authorization Permits (.PDF)
CFM-00004-F1 R21 Work Authorization Permit (.DOC)
CFM-00004A R3 External Appendix A - 2017 SUNY Poly Construction Permit Request (.PDF)
CFM-00004A-F1 R3 SUNY Poly Construction Permit Application (.DOC)
CFM-00005 R6 Obtaining Fire Protection System Daily Permits Instructions (.PDF)
CFM-00005-F1 R12 Fire Protection System Daily Permit (.DOC)
CFM-00006 R6 Instructions for Adding Tasks to Facility Shutdown Schedules (.PDF)
CFM-00006-F1 R6 Shutdown Task Authorization Form (.DOC)
CFM-00008 R3 Instruction for TGMS Modification Sub-Permit (.PDF)
CFM-00008-F1 R3 TGMS Modification Sub-Permit (.DOC)
CFM-00009 R3 Obtaining Fire Protection System Modification Permits (.PDF)
CFM-00009-F1 R4 Fire Protection System Modification Permit (.DOC)
CFM-00009-F2 R3 Fire Protection System Modification Permit Log (.XLS)
CFM-00010 R4 Heating and Cooling (Space Temperature Set-Point) Policy (.PDF)
CFM-00011 R3 Non-Hazardous Gas Line Break Sub-Permit Instructions (.PDF)
CFM-00011-F1 R3 Non-Hazardous Gas Line Break Sub-Permit (.DOC)
CFM-00014 R1 Space Identification Standard (.PDF)
CFM-00015 R2 SUNY Poly Procedure for Performing Hot Taps (.PDF)
CFM-00016 R1 CNSE Fire Protection Impairment Procedure (.PDF)
CFM-00017 R1 Fire Watch During Fire Protection System Impairments (.PDF)
CFM-00017-F1 R1 CNSE Fire-Watch Log Sheet (.DOC)
CFM-00020 R2 Roof Equipment Installation Policy (.PDF)
CFM-00020-F1 R1 Roof Equipment Installation Request Form (.DOC)
CFM-01005 R3 Procedure for Dirty Work Permit Application (.PDF)
CFM-01005-F1 R3 Dirty Work Permit Application (.DOC)

EHS Environmental, Health and Safety Policies, Procedures and Forms

EHS-00001 R5 SUNY Poly Environmental, Health and Safety Policy (.PDF)
EHS-00002 R13 Hazard Communication Program (.PDF)
EHS-00005 R12 Chemical Handling and Storage Procedure (.PDF)
EHS-00007 R8 SUNY Poly Confined Space Entry Procedure (.PDF)
EHS-00007-F1 R9 SUNY Poly Confined Space Entry Permit (.PDF)
EHS-00008 R8 Lockout Tagout (LOTO) Program (.PDF)
EHS-00008-F1 R5 Lockout-Tagout Procedure (.DOC)
EHS-00008-F2 R5 Lockout Tagout Periodic Inspection Form (.DOC)
EHS-00008-F3 R5 Authorization for Removal of Lockout-Tagout Devices (.DOC)
EHS-00009 R11 Hazardous Waste Management (.PDF)
EHS-00010 R17 SUNY Poly Personal Protective Equipment Requirements (.PDF)
EHS-00010-F1 R3 Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) and PPE Selection Form (.DOC)
EHS-00011 R5 Gas Cylinder Handling Procedure (.PDF)
EHS-00012 R5 Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan (.PDF)
EHS-00015 R9 SUNY Poly Respiratory Protection Program (.PDF)
EHS-00016 R10 New Equipment and Process Change Management Procedure (.PDF)
EHS-00016-F1 R18 New Equipment Installation or Equipment Modification or Process Change Checklist (.DOC)
EHS-00017 R15 Equipment Commissioning Procedure (.PDF)
EHS-00017-F1 R24 Equipment Commissioning Inspection Record (.DOC)
EHS-00029 R7 SUNY Poly Hot Work Procedure (.PDF)
EHS-00029-F1 R10 Daily Hot Work Permit (.DOC)
EHS-00030 R6 Equipment Decommissioning and Removal Procedure (.PDF)
EHS-00030-F1 R4 Equipment Decommissioning and Removal Sign-Off Checklist (.DOC)
EHS-00031 R21 Toxic Gas Monitoring System Operation and Maintenance (.PDF)
EHS-00032 R4 Floor Tile Removal (.PDF)
EHS-00032-F1 R2 Floor Tile Removal Approval Form (.DOC)
EHS-00035 R3 The Use of Powered Industrial Vehicles (.PDF)
EHS-00037 R5 Policy for Equipment Decontamination (.PDF)
EHS-00037-F1 R1 EHS Equipment Decontamination Certification (.DOC)
EHS-00038 R3 Facility Modification Sign-Off Process (.PDF)
EHS-00038-F1 R4 Design Review Checklist (.DOC)
EHS-00038-F2 R4 Final Inspection Checklist (.DOC)
EHS-00040 R6 CNSE Crane Work Permits SOP (.PDF)
EHS-00040-F1 R6 CNSE Crane Work Permit (.DOC)
EHS-00041 R3 Fall Protection (.PDF)
EHS-00045 R14 Working Alone Policy (.PDF)
EHS-00048-F1 R4 Requirements for Class 3B and 4 Lasers (.DOC)
EHS-00050 R6 Handling, Storage and Maintenance of Ladders (.PDF)
EHS-00054 R4 Procedure for Electrical Safety Program (.PDF)
EHS-00054-F1 R5 Energized Electrical Work Permit (.DOC)
EHS-00062 R9 Non-Routine Hazardous Work Permit Procedure (.PDF)
EHS-00062-F1 R8 Non-Routine Hazardous Work Permit (.DOC)
EHS-00065 R3 Power-Actuated Fastener Tool Permit Procedure (.PDF)
EHS-00065-F1 R4 Power-Actuated Fastener Tool Permit (.DOC)
EHS-00066 R5 Radiation Safety Program (.PDF)
EHS-00067 R3 Use of Overhead and Gantry Cranes, Hoists, Lifts and Slings (.PDF)
EHS-00073 R1 Odor Notification Procedure (.PDF)
EHS-00073-T1 R1 Odor Notification Sign Template (.DOC)
EHS-00074 R1 Scaffolding Procedures (.PDF)
EHS-00074-F1 R3 Scaffolding Permit (.DOC)
EHS-00084 R2 Procedures for III-V Locker Use (.PDF)
EHS-00086 R1 Stormwater Pollution Prevention Policy (.PDF)

OPS-00 Policies and Procedures

OPS-00005 R4 Cleanroom Tool Maintenance SOP (.PDF)
OPS-00005-F1 R4 Cleanroom Tool Maintenance Form (.DOC)

TGM-00 Toxic Gas Monitoring

TGM-00001 R1 Specification of Installation for Toxic Gas Monitoring System (.PDF)


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