Badging Process

1. Authorized Sponsor submits badge request form to

  • Use your legal name on the badge request and to sign up for training. This name will be on your license/identification card. 
  • Include your e-mail on the badge form - be accurate

2. View the online Safety Orientation and other applicable required training below. Complete the online test(s) below and submit it to After completing Safety Orientation, will e-mail you when your badge is ready. Badges can be picked up at the security badging office in the NFE rotunda between  8 a.m. and 12 noon Monday through Friday or by appointment.

4. If you have not received your badge in 5 business days, contact your SPONSOR to inquire about the badge.

Online Training

Important! Open and read: Instructions for Downloading and Submitting Tests (PDF)

If your test is not opened and submitted correctly, it can delay receiving access to the site.

PowerPoint Link (by Subject) Test Link Training Requirement

Safety Orientation (pdf)

Test (pdf) Safety Orientation is required for anyone working on site or anyone who has been off site for more than two years.
Laboratory Safety (pptx) Test (pdf) For employees or students who work in laboratories
Cleanroom Safety (pdf) Test (pdf) Cleanroom Safety is required for anyone working in the cleanrooms and/or HPM area.

Contractor Safety Guide for Albany NanoTech Complex and Kiernan Plaza (pdf)

Read the Contractor Safety Guide for Albany NanoTech Complex and Kiernan Plaza (pdf) Required initially for any:
  • Contractor working on the NY CREATES / SUNY Poly Albany and Kiernan Plaza Sites


  • Technical Coordinator (TC) person who is responsible for maintaining technical liaison with the Contractor
  1. Employers (e.g., contractors, business partners, tenants) are responsible for providing their company training and/or job-specific training and the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for their employees
  2. Visit Programs, Procedures + Forms for detailed instructions and requirements
  3. If you have any questions about training contact your manager, work sponsor or
  4. For SUNY Poly task specific training (e.g., Hazardous Waste Handling) for contractors or business partners, contact your sponsor, manager and/or create an intranet account


Request More Information

Detailed information, brochures and forms can be mailed to you upon request.


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