Albany Campus Access

This section is mandatory for all students and includes trainings that are required in order to receive your site access badge. 

Albany Campus Access – Trainings, Daily Online Screening & Daily Temperature Screening

All students must complete three safety trainings in order to gain badge access to the site: Safety Orientation & Lab Safety and the Coronavirus Disease 2019 – Protecting the Safety and Health of Workers Training. In addition, there is a new daily screening and temperature screening that will take place:

Safety Orientation and Lab Safety Training:

Once you have reviewed the slides that were sent to your SUNY Poly email address, please complete the Site Orientation and Lab Safety quiz.

Your completed quiz should be sent vie email to Katlin Rhodes at

Coronavirus Disease 2019 – Protecting the Safety and Health of Workers Training: All students must complete a new site training and certification form in order to gain badge access. The training, certification form and instructions are included in the links below. 

Coronavirus Disease 2019 - Protecting the Safety and Health of Workers Training (pdf)

COVID Online Screening - NY CREATES/SUNY Poly Albany: All personnel need to complete screening questions before coming to the site each day. Here is the link to access the screening:

How the online screening works:

  • There is a limit of one (1) entry per day
  • To Login – use your 5-digit site badge number. This is found on your employee badge – last 5 digits.   This screening can be done on any web connected device (computer, tablet or smart phone)
  • Once you have logged in - you will be asked two (2) questions:
    • Have you had symptoms of or tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days? (NO/YES)
    • Have you had close contact with anyone who has tested positive, and is still an active case for, COVID-19 in the last 14 days? (NO/YES)
  • If you answer “NO” to both of those questions, you will see a Green Check on the results screen
  • If you answer “YES” to either of those questions:
    • You will see a Red “X”
    • When this happens, HR and/or site security will be notified.
    • You will be instructed NOT to enter the site, your badge will be deactivated and you will be contacted by HR within 24hrs for follow up.

Daily Temperature Screening: All personnel, including students, will be required to enter through the NFE building daily for a temperature screen. Once screened, you will receive a sticker that will allow site access for that day. It is mandatory that all students proceed through the temperature screen every time they arrive on campus for the day.


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