Accommodations for Students with Disabilities


SUNY Polytechnic Institute is committed to conforming to all aspects of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) approved in 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  We are dedicated to ensuring reasonable access to our campus programs and facilities. The Disability Services Office is the designated office that coordinates services for students who self -disclose the presence of a disability along with the submission of documentation. In order to receive disability-related services and accommodations as a student with a disability at SUNY Poly, you must follow the procedures outlined below:

  • Present the Disability Services Office with documentation that describes the student’s disability (as defined by state and federal regulations), that the disability substantially limits a major life activity including a statement of the nature and extent of the limitations and a statement of what accommodation(s) is recommended.  This documentation must be provided by the professional(s) with the appropriate credentials to diagnose, treat, and monitor each diagnosed disability (see Documentation Guidelines).
  • Directly contact the Disability Services Office at 315-792-7170, email or stop by Cayan Library, Room L145 to pick up the registration forms. You may also use the following links for the Disability Declaration form and the Student Information form. Once the forms are completed and returned you need to set up an appointment to discuss your documentation and appropriate services and accommodations for each course or activity. The determination is made by the coordinator of Disability Services.  Feel free to ask if you have questions about the approved accommodations.
  • Sign an Accommodation Plan if applicable, give a copy to each instructor- as needed, and follow all pertinent disability-related policies and procedures necessary to implement the plan.
  • Online students taking courses should set up a phone appointment.  Once the accommodation plan has been determined, the student sends a copy to each of the online instructors/as needed.
  • Residence Hall accommodation requests should be made through the Residential Life Application and also by contacting the Disability Services Office.
  • Maintain regular, ongoing communication with the Disability Services Coordinator regarding the services and accommodations you’re receiving, and notify the DS Coordinator immediately if any additional needs or problems arise.
  • Contact the Disability Services Coordinator at the start of each subsequent semester to provide necessary updates and obtain copies of your Plan.

All other students with questions who would like to learn more about accessibility and related information and services should contact Disability Services Office at 315-792-7170


Students Self-Reporting to the Disability Services Office

When requesting accommodations, it can sometimes be helpful to provide additional information about your disability based on your personal perspective. You may be able to provide further explanation of what your documentation states, allowing the Disability Services Coordinator to better determine the most appropriate accommodations for you. The Disability Services Office requires documentation in order to determine accommodations. It is important to receive information from you including a description of your disability, how it affects you in school, and what accommodations you are interested in receiving. Also, if it is taking a great deal of time to acquire the documentation; a student’s Disability Declaration form may allow the approval of some provisional accommodations until the documentation is ready and reviewed. This would depend on each unique situation and individual student. The Disability Declaration form can also be used when requesting specific disability-related accommodations in the Residence Halls or for Allergy related accommodation requests. Submitting the Disability Declaration form does not exclude you from also having to submit the appropriate documentation as outlined by our guidelines. The determination of accommodations for students with disabilities is done together with the information provided by professionals and the students own report of their accessibility needs.

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