Grievance Policy

Grievance Procedure

There may be a time when a request for academic accommodations are not fulfilled in a way that is satisfactory to the student with a disability. We make every attempt to provide accommodation services which meet the students learning needs. If you have a concern that you have not been able to resolve by discussing your concern with the individuals involved, you may wish to follow the informal grievance steps described below.

Informal Resolution

Prior to initiating the formal complaint procedure explained below, it is recommended that the student make every attempt to resolve the issue in an informal manner. The senior most officer in the Office of Human Resources upholds the rights of a student to secure access and accommodations in accordance with the ADA and Section 504, Title IX, and the Age Act. SUNY Polytechnic Institute maintains a philosophy of student self-advocacy and the right to pursue a grievance through the formal grievance procedure.  Should a student feel he/she has not been treated in a fair or professional manner with regard to access and accommodations, the student is encouraged to follow these procedures:

Student Responsibilities

  1. The student should discuss his/her problem(s) with the instructor of the course or the appropriate department representative (i.e. housing, disability services, etc.) directly and the Coordinator of Disability Services, unless extenuating circumstances prohibits doing so.
  2. If a conversation with the course instructor, department representative (housing, disability services, etc.) and/or the Coordinator of Disability Services does not settle the situation, the student should then discuss the problem with the Chairperson or Head of the Department.
  3. The Head of the Department should consult with the Coordinator of Disability Services in matters pertaining to accommodation of services.
  4. If the meeting with the Chairperson/Head of the Department does not resolve the grievance, the student should discuss the problem(s) with senior most officer in the Office of Human Resources (Affirmative Action Officer).
  5. The senior most officer in the Office of Human Resources on an informal basis may receive initial inquiries, reports and requests for consultation counseling. Assistance will be given whether or not a formal complaint is entertained or possible. The Affirmative Action Officer will attempt to resolve the complaint informally to the satisfaction of the complainant and the respondent. If a resolution to the satisfaction of the parties is not possible, the complainant may proceed to the formal grievance procedure which is contained in the University’s Review of Allegation of Discrimination Procedure.

Formal Grievance Procedure

  1. Student must file a complaint within 90 calendar days following the alleged discriminatory act or 90 calendar days after a final grade is received, for the semester during which the discriminatory acts occurred, if that date is later. All complaints must be submitted on forms provided by the Office of Human Resources. This form will be used for both the initiation of the complainant under the complaint of the informal procedure and the conversion of the compliant to formal procedure.
  2. For a full description of the grievance procedure or review of allegation of discrimination procedure, please review in the Human Resources policies section
  3. Please note that students who wish to avail themselves of a review by an external agency, the SUNY Internal Complaint Procedure will be terminated and referred to SUNY Counsel.


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