Student Request for Testing Accommodations

The SUNY Polytechnic Institute Learning Center, located in the Cayan Library Learning Commons, provides testing accommodations for students with disabilities who may need a distraction-free environment, extended time (up to double time), use of adaptive equipment, use of a computer to read exams, scribes, enlarged printing, or oral exams.

All students must register through the Disability Services Office which offers accommodative services and facilitates the use of testing accommodations.

Students with disabilities requesting accommodations regarding testing must contact the Disability Services Office at 315-792-7170 and have their academic accommodations plan in place.

Once a student has registered with the Disability Services Office and the testing accommodations have been determined, the student needs to bring a copy of the academic accommodations to the faculty for each course and another copy to Doug Eich, Learning Center Director.

Students decide when testing accommodations are needed and it is up to the student to keep track of the dates and times for all tests and quizzes. When a test or quiz date is approaching (usually 7 days in advance), the student should meet with the faculty and request to use testing accommodations. Sometimes the faculty has the time and space available to offer the testing accommodation in or near the classroom where the student attends class. If this is acceptable to the student, then the arrangement is made between the faculty and the student.

If the student wants to use the alternate testing site located in the Cayan Library, the student needs to request that the faculty send the test to Doug Eich in the Learning Center. In addition to making the request of the faculty, the student needs to schedule the upcoming test or quiz with Doug Eich. Please email Doug Eich:

Please schedule a test accommodation appointment after you talk to your faculty at least 7 days in advance of your test or quiz. On the test day, the student reports to the Learning Center, first floor of the Cayan Library, to take the test at the same time that the test is scheduled for that course.

On the day of the test, the student will be asked to turn in any electronic devices or other materials that are not part of the academic accommodations plan. The Learning Center Director will provide the student with instructions about the testing room location and how to proceed.

If the Learning Center staff has any reason to suspect academic dishonesty, the Learning Center staff will confiscate the student’s test and the faculty will be notified.


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