What is EOP?

EOP is a New York State grant-funded initiative that focuses on access and equity. In 1970, the New York State Legislature approved funding for EOP to address the needs of those New York State residents who are traditionally bypassed by higher education. Specifically, the program is designed to seek out educationally under prepared and talented students, and to provide them with tutorial services, counseling, advisement, and financial assistance.

How will I benefit from the program?

Following are the programs and services offered by EOP:

  • Individual academic, career, personal, and financial advisement/counseling
  • Individualized tutorials
  • Small study groups
  • Mid-semester academic progress reports
  • Notebook/laptop loan program
  • Financial assistance
  • Graduate school information
  • Information regarding standardized tests (GRE, GMAT, MCAT & LSAT)
  • Cultural programs and activities
  • Workshops on personal, educational and career development

What are the eligibility requirements to become an EOP participant?

First-Year Applicants: (Note: You cannot apply for both EOP and the Early Decision/Early Action program.)

  • You must be a New York State resident for 12 months prior to enrollment.
  • You must have a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • You must be ineligible for admission under traditional standards (educationally disadvantaged), but demonstrate potential for completing a college program.
  • You must have need for financial assistance within legislated income guidelines.

In selecting students for the program, priority is given to applicants from historically disadvantaged backgrounds. If in the year prior to enrollment, family income falls within EOP guidelines due to unemployment, separation, divorce or death of a parent, etc., a student still may not qualify for EOP if they are not from a historically disadvantaged background.

Required Records

As part of the EOP admissions process, high school grades and SAT scores will be reviewed, as well as information about clubs, hobbies, jobs and any other experiences that impacted the student’s education. This information will assist in the evaluation of potential for success in a college program.

Fee Waiver

The $50 application fee is waived for those eligible for admission to EOP. If a student is found to be ineligible for EOP they will be billed for the fee. Important: Applicants who are deemed ineligible for EOP for financial reasons may still qualify for admission and for financial aid as traditional candidates.

Transfer Applicants

  • You must be a New York State resident.
  • You must enroll as a full-time undergraduate student at the Institute.
  • You must have been enrolled in either EOP, the Higher Educational Opportunity Program (HEOP), the Search for Education, Elevation and Knowledge (SEEK) Program, or College Discovery (CD), a program similar to EOP, at the previous college(s) you attended; or
  • You must have been enrolled in the Full Opportunity Program at a New York State community college, and must have met the EOP financial guidelines at point of first entry into college; or
  • You must have been enrolled in a development studies/remedial studies program at a New York State community college, and must have met the EOP financial guidelines at point of first entry into college; or
  • You must have been included on a Disadvantaged Student List at a New York State community college and must have met the EOP financial guidelines at point of first entry into college (such a list would include academic disadvantages); or
  • You must have been eligible, but passed over for admission to SEEK or CD at a New York City college based on the lottery system.

How do I apply?

On the SUNY application for undergraduate admission, there is a space to indicate your interest in EOP. When a student indicates that they are interested in the program, supplemental application materials are sent out, and must be completed and returned to determine eligibility.

How will I know if I have been accepted into the program?

Once all of your completed application materials have been received and reviewed, and verification has been made that you are eligible for EOP, an offer of acceptance letter will be sent to you. Note that offers are made on a first come first served basis. For more information contact the EOP Office located in Kunsela Hall, B105, or call (315) 792-7805.

What are my responsibilities as an EOP student?

  • To attend classes and complete homework and reading assignments as directed.
  • To meet with a counselor regularly at established meeting times.
  • To use EOP tutoring and study groups.
  • To attend scheduled workshops.
  • To advise a counselor of any changes in lifestyle or personal circumstances that may impact academic performance.
  • To notify a counselor of any plans or thoughts of leaving school.
  • To complete and submit program evaluations as directed.
  • To abide by the notebook/laptop loan program policies and instructions.
  • To provide up to date contact information (local & permanent address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.)
  • To provide an updated address after graduation.


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