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elevating impact

A Message From The President

WOLEDear Friends and Members of the SUNY Poly Community, Our 2024-2029 Strategic Plan is the result of much work that began back in December 2022, and the culmination of robust campus and community engagement. On behalf of the SUNY Poly leadership team, thank you— ALL OF YOU—for playing key roles in helping us to chart our futures and elevate the impact of SUNY Poly.

Since our founding in 1966, we have been educating and training our students and preparing the leaders of tomorrow. Today, we are part of a dynamic ecosystem that is being transformed right here on our campus, in our region, in this amazing valley, and across New York State. Our success is intrinsically linked to the Governor’s bold vision for New York’s future, and purposefully aligned with SUNY and the Chancellor’s strategic pillars. We are part of a proud, resilient community with like minds and like spirits who cling to a vision for creating an intellectually vibrant environment that stimulates innovation and entrepreneurship, develops new technologies, and enhances education that impacts our collective communities and advances modern society.

The future is indeed bright for SUNY Poly and our partners. We are committed to implementing our Plan and translating strategy into tactical actions and advancement that will allow us to deliver on the promise of a premier public polytechnic. We will build on our core values, grow our reputation as a research-intensive university, and position the institution as a driver of technological, healthcare, economic and humanitarian advancements in the Mohawk Valley and beyond.




Winston “Wole” Soboyejo, Ph.D. President


2024 -2029 Strategic Plan [click to view full document]

elevating impact

Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

SUNY Polytechnic Institute is a welcoming, inclusive place where all students, faculty, and staff are inspired by a distinctive STEAM education and social experience that prepares our graduates for the 21st century workforce and beyond. SUNY Poly applies science, technology, and innovation throughout its curriculum and is deeply committed to offering solutions to society’s grand challenges and improving the health and well-being of communities in the Mohawk Valley and around the globe. 

Our Vision 

SUNY Polytechnic Institute is a premier research-intensive university that leads the pursuit of knowledge and innovative applications through interdisciplinary engagement and collaboration to drive economic, humanitarian, and technological advancements.

Our Values

Accountability • Community  • Empathy • Gratitude • Inclusion • Innovation  • Kindness • Respect


Our students are the north star that guides everything we do at SUNY Poly. Their success is supported by our ability to respond to their insights, and amplified by the institution’s commitment to instill the values and skills that will allow them to achieve their aspirations at SUNY Poly and beyond.   

  • Elevate the student experience, including academic support and advising, experiential learning and career opportunities, athletics, well-being, and a commitment to the quality of student life.  
  • Ensure that our students develop an appreciation for the obligations and rewards of meaningful connections with others as they contribute to the greater good.  
  • Demonstrate our compassion, understanding, and cultural humility, as we strive to be a community that is fully committed to accessibility, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.   




SUNY Poly will engage in a comprehensive, integrated approach to elevate the visibility and awareness of SUNY Poly as a premier public polytechnic. Our investment in relationships with community, industry, and educational partners will enhance the quality of our education, support interdisciplinary research, and spur innovation.   

  • Launch an integrated, inclusive campaign to broaden SUNY Poly’s identity and raise the visibility and reputation of SUNY Poly.  
  • Build community and formalize external partnerships to develop and invest in student projects, internships and co-ops, translational and applied research, training and education, career placement, and workforce development. 
  • Establish strategic alliances with our partners in industry, government, academia, and civil society to develop and position SUNY Poly and the Mohawk Valley as a premier destination for education, research, entrepreneurship, and workforce development.




SUNY Poly’s bright future in research and education is powered by a robust infrastructure that includes physical and digital assets as well as human capital. Thanks to New York State’s historic investment of $44 million for semiconductor manufacturing, health sciences, robotics, and advanced manufacturing, SUNY Poly will create an environment that features world-class facilities.  

  • Expand multidisciplinary facilities to support campus priorities in research, education, entrepreneurship, and workforce development. 
  • Prioritize the people and contracts needed to provide the human resources and technological infrastructure that will support innovations in research, education, and outreach. 
  • Enhance, maintain, and reconfigure existing campus spaces to include academic and student co-curricular space, as well as larger flexible community space.




SUNY Poly will elevate the impact of our faculty research and scholarship, the quality of our programs, and the achievements of our students. Investment in our core programs, people, and pedagogy will enable the growth of our cutting-edge, multidisciplinary initiatives in research and education.  

  • Strengthen and scale our core undergraduate and graduate programs in all colleges and develop demand-driven workforce development programs. 
  • Extend the funding and impact of interdisciplinary collaborations with partners in industry, government, and academia in four thematic areas:  
  1. Materials, Robotics & Advanced Manufacturing
  2. Artificial Intelligence & Information Technology  
  3. Smart Infrastructure & Sustainability  
  4. Healthcare & Well-Being
  • Support the growth and professional development of all faculty and staff, so that they are fully prepared to advance in their careers and renew SUNY Poly’s commitment to excellence in teaching and learning.




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