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Shihng ChiWe believe that mastery of the fundamental physical theories of nature is the most effective path to discovery and the design of transformative technologies. We take pride in preserving and passing on to our students the core of physics: the mathematical theories of motion (mechanics), atoms (quantum mechanics), electromagnetic forces (Maxwell’s equations), and states of matter, temperature, and heat (thermodynamics and statistical mechanics). 

We also believe that involving students in both course-level projects as well as research projects is critical for transferring our knowledge and experience to our students. We have a long tradition of promoting student projects as a supplement to, but not a substitute for, our standard physics courses.

AmirWe offer more than 50 credits of lower-division and upper-division undergraduate physics courses and labs. Some of our lower-division courses are algebra-based and are required by Engineering and Technology programs. Students who need to fulfill a science general education requirement with a lab component also take these courses. Our introductory calculus-based physics courses are required by all engineering programs and our physics minor.

PhysicsOur upper division physics courses include standard courses in classical mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics and statistical mechanic, and quantum mechanics. These subjects span the core of the traditional undergraduate physics degree. In our upper division physics courses you can find some of the most motivated, dedicated, and skillful students at SUNY Poly: those who wish to deepen their understanding of physics and pursue graduate studies in STEM or be competitive in the highly demanding R&D (Research and Development) job market. Some of our former students have been admitted to prestigious graduate programs in physics thanks to our offering of 50+ credits in undergraduate physics – and their own talent and efforts!





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