Faculty FAQs


Below you will find answers to questions frequently asked by faculty.

College Offices and Telephone Numbers

  • Arts and Sciences - Donovan Hall, 2123 phone: 315-792-7389
  • Business Management - Donovan Hall 1101, phone: 315-792-7337
  • Engineering
    Donovan Hall 1191, phone: 315-792-7234
    Kunsela Hall C130,  phone: 315-792-7354
  • Health Sciences - Donovan Hall 1143, phone: 315-792-7295
  • Nanoscale Sciences -  Albany
  • Nanoscale Engineering and Technology Innovation - Albany
How do I submit book orders?
How do I cancel a class meeting?
  • Call the appropriate departmental office by no later than 2 pm for a next day cancellation.
  • When possible, notify students using the Banner “e-mail the class” function regarding cancellation and alternate assignment, if any.
  • To cancel class after 4 pm, or if you cannot contact a college office, contact University Police at 315-792-7106 and leave a voice mail for the college office.
  • A class cancellation will be posted on Banner, a notice will be posted outside the classroom, and students will be notified by email that the class meeting has been cancelled.  

How do I change a student's grade?

  • Complete the Change of Grade form using only Internet Explorer to notify the Registrar's Office of the change of grade. This form requires authentication with a SITNet ID.

How can I get after-hours access to student academic folders housed in Donovan Hall?

  • Fulltime faculty should be able to use their SUNY Poly ID card on the card swipe on Donovan Hall 1195. Please sign out any files that you have taken, and return files promptly. If your ID card does not work, please contact your department staff. You will need to provide your ISO number which is found on the front of your SUNIT ID card.

How do I give permission for a student to enroll in one of my classes?

  • For under enrolled classes: Ask the student to send you an email identifying the course by CRN and subject, and including their nine-character SUNY Poly U-number (available on Banner and on the Student's ID card). Forward the student's email to your department secretary. When the permission has been entered, you and the student will receive an email with instructions for completing registration.
  • For SF (Section Full) or closed classes: Permission of the Departmental Chair is required.

How do I change the assigned room for my course?

  • Send an email to your Department Chair requesting a change of room assignment. Include full course information (CRN, Subject, Course Code) and reason for change in your email. The Registrar's Office will try to accommodate your request, but the change is not guaranteed

How do I process travel requests and reimbursement forms?

  • You can obtain travel authorization forms from departmental staff. Complete your travel request and submit it to your Department Chair. Following your approved travel, complete your travel reimbursement forms, available from department staff, to process your travel and obtain reimbursement.

Where do I get my mail?

  • Full-time faculty: Mailbox locations have not changed from the previous semester.
  • Adjunct and part-time faculty: Mail is delivered to your departmental office. 

Where do I get my paycheck or paystub?

  • Full-time faculty: Methods of distributing paychecks and paystubs have not changed from Spring 2010 semester.
  • Adjunct and part-time faculty: paychecks and paystubs can be picked up in the Human Resources Office in Kunsela Hall between 8:30 and 4:30 pm. If you prefer to have your pacheck or pay stub mailed to your home address, please send an email to Caitlin.Dempsey in the Human Resources Office with your request.
  • All faculty are encouraged to complete and submit a Direct Deposit form, available as pdf or fillable pdf

Were can I get office supplies?

  • Office supplies for faculty are available in the departmental offices.

How do I make copies?

  • A small number of copies (fewer than 10) can be made on locally-accessible copy machines located in mail rooms in Donovan Hall. Requests to print more than 10 copies can be sent to the print shop via email to quickcopy@sunypoly.edu. Include in your email the name of your department, the number of copies, and special instructions. You can pick up your copies at the Print Shop (Kunsela Hall) or have your copies delivered via campus mail.

How can I scan a document?

  • Faculty may scan and email documents using the machines located in your departmental office and elsewhere in the building.

How can I get desk copies of textbooks?

  • Contact textbook publishers directly through their Web sites to order desk copies.

How can I update my SUNY Poly directory?

  • Please use the Faculty/Staff Directory form to update your content. If you already have an existing page, please only complete areas needing updating. If you do not have a directory page, complete as much information as possible.

How do I order equipment or items other than routine supplies?

  • Based college allocations, faculty equipment requests should be submitted to, evaluated by, and approved by your college dean.


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