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SUNY Poly’s Bachelor of Science in Accounting program prepares students for accounting positions in public, private, or government organizations.

The BS in Accounting degree is for students who are interested in becoming a professional in accounting. This degree program prepares students for employment in corporations for various accounting functions, or start their own business, providing accounting, auditing, and tax services to a wide variety of clients. Many accounting professionals are employed by government, mostly in state or federal accounting offices.

SUNY Poly also offers an Online BS in Accounting for transfer students with at least 45 credit hours completed at an accredited institution of higher education.

Students who complete the BS in Accounting program at SUNY Poly can advance to graduate study and earn SUNY Poly’s MS in Accountancy degree.


Schedule of Online Asynchronous Course Offering

Fall Classes

  • BUS 101
  • BUS 105
  • BUS 451
  • FIN 302
  • FIN 332
  • MKT 301
  • ACC 201
  • ACC 370
  • ACC 385
  • ACC 386
  • ACC 450

Spring Classes

  • BUS 306
  • MGS 411
  • MGT 307
  • MIS 315
  • MGT 318
  • ACC 205
  • ACC 310
  • ACC 385
  • ACC 386
  • ACC 475
  • BUS 485


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