Applied Computing

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The Bachelor of Science program in Applied Computing prepares the graduate to apply the analytic and programming skills of the science of computing to a cognate intellectual domain.

The degree combines the core of the baccalaureate program in computer information systems or computer and information science with strong academic preparation in another area of study. The capstone project requires the student to apply the tools and techniques of science of computing to the cognate area through the design and implementation of a project. The cognate area requirement may be fulfilled by an associate degree in the cognate area, completion of an approved SUNY Polytechnic Institute minor, or courses in another area approved by an advisor. With appropriate course selection, the applied computing graduate may continue into the M.S. program in computer and information science.

Applied Computing

Select either Computer and Information Science or Computer Information Systems Track

Computer and Information Science Track

Core Requirements

  • Computing Fundamentals (CS 108)
  • Data Structures (CS 240)

Intermediate Requirements

  • Computer Organization (CS 220)
  • Object Oriented Programming (CS 249)

Advanced Requirements – two of the following:

  • Operating Systems & Networking (CS 330)
  • Information Knowledge & Management (CS 350)
  • Software Engineering (CS 370)

Advanced Electives - two of the following courses (must be taken at SUNY Poly; cannot be transferred in):

  • CS 345 Logic Design
  • CS 381 Principles of Computer Security and Cryptography
  • CS 420 Numerical Computing
  • CS 421 Computational Linear Algebra
  • CS 431 Principles of Programming Languages
  • CS 441 Computer Architecture
  • CS 445 UNIX Programming Environment
  • CS 446 Local Area Network Architecture
  • CS 450 Computer Graphics
  • CS 451 Distributed Systems
  • CS 454 System Simulation
  • CS 477 Algorithms
  • CS 480 Compiler Design
  • CS 490 Special Topics in Computer Science
  • CS 495 Artificial Intelligence


  • CS 498 Project in Computer Science

Computer Information Systems Track

Core Requirements

  • Computing Fundamentals (CS 108)
  • Data Structures (CS 240)

Intermediate Requirements

  • Hardware and Network Infrastructure (IS 310)
  • System Analysis & Design (IS 320)
  • Data Base Management (IS 325)
  • Decision Support & Intelligent Systems (IS 330)

Advanced Electives - 2 courses taken in residence (no less than 8 credits) chosen from the following:

  • IS 305 Application Programming With COBOL
  • IS 315 Networking of Information System
  • IS 340 E-Commerce
  • IS 470 Database Programming
  • IS 490 Special Topics in Information Systems
  • CS 307 The UNIX Programming Environment
  • CS 311 Data Analysis
  • CS 324 Internet Tools in Windows
  • CS 350 Information and Knowledge Management
  • CS 351 Web Development and Internet Programming
  • CS 370 Software Engineering
  • CS 407 UNIX System administration
  • CS 409 Software Project Management
  • CS 410 Data Security


  • IS 495 Computer Information Systems Practicum

Remaining requirements are applicable to both tracks:

Cognate Area (no less than 20 credit hours) satisfied via one of the following:

  • any approved SUNY Poly minor except Computer Science or Computer Information Systems
  • an associate’s degree in an area other than computer science, data processing, information technology, information systems, or similar titles or in individual studies, general studies, or similar titles lacking a substantial focus
  • a minimum of 20 credits in a single discipline or interrelated disciplines subject to the approval of the department chair who shall consult with a faculty member in the pertinent discipline

General Education (applicable to students entering the State University of New York system Fall 2000 or later-students entering prior to Fall 2000 should determine the general education requirements in consultation with an advisor):

A minimum of thirty credits to be selected from approved general education courses, including (unless otherwise specified) a minimum of one course in each of the following areas:

  • Composition/Communication (for First-Year Students, ENG 101)
  • Humanities
  • Arts
  • Social/Behavioral Sciences
  • Laboratory Science
  • Science Elective
  • Foreign Language - requirement waived if the student attained a score of 85 or higher on a third year Regents examination in a foreign language.  Consult with an advisor for other means of satisfying this requirement.
  • American History - an approved course covering a period of at least one century; students attaining a score of 85 or higher on an American History Regents examination may substitute any approved course in American History.
  • Western Civilization
  • Other Civilizations
  • Mathematics - two courses; must include one course in Finite or Discrete Mathematics (MAT 115 or MAT 413), and at least one other course chosen from Calculus, Linear Algebra, or Statistics.
  • Upper Division Writing Course - (any upper-division writing course fulfills the requirement.)

Unrestricted Electives

Balance of 124 credits

Direct any questions about the program to: Dr. Ron Sarner, Program Coordinator

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