Transfer Students

The biology program at SUNY Poly is structured to accommodate transfers from almost any 4-year or community college. Our transfer students make up almost half of the students in the biology program, so you will be with classmates who are making that transition with you, classmates who can help you through it, and faculty who are familiar with where you are coming from and the adjustments you are making. We are happy to have you join us!

Before transferring to SUNY Poly, we strongly encourage transfer students to plan to complete at least one year of biology-major level introductory chemistry to get ahead, as the program has a 5-semester chemistry sequence. Completion of a year of major-level biology is also recommended. Completion of math through Calculus is recommended but not required.

Link to specific articulation agreements we have with community colleges are below. These are guides to ensure that you can finish all of the required classes you need in a 4-year period. However, these are not the only transfers we accept. We can work with any level of transfer from any college you may be coming from. Please contact the admissions office with any questions you might have about applying to SUNY Poly, and you can contact the department chair with any questions about how your own particular college classes will transfer into a program of study here.

Transfer Student Articulation Agreements


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