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Core Faculty in Community and Behavioral Health

Veronica Tichenor, Ph.D.
Community and Behavioral Health Program Coordinator

Interests and Awards
Dr. Tichenor’s teaching and research interests include gender and power dynamics in families, motherhood/fatherhood and identity, the links between adverse childhood experiences and health/wellbeing, and complementary and alternative healing modalities. Dr. Tichenor has received the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching and the SUNY Poly (SUNYIT) Student Association’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Select Publications
“Sibling Abuse”: chapter in The Social Dynamics of Family Violence, 3rd Ed., edited by Angela Hattery and Earl Smith. Routledge (2019).

Tichenor, Veronica, McQuillan, Julia, Greil, Arthur, Bedrous, Andrew, Clark, Amy, Shreffler, Karina. 2017. “Variation in Attitudes toward being a Mother among Women in the United States.” Sociological Perspectives 60, 3:600-619.

Alexander Bulson, Joanne Joseph, Mary Krenitsky Perrone, and Veronica Tichenor. “Enhanced Student Performance as Evidenced by Partnering Writing Facilitation with Courses in the Disciplines” Impact: The Newsletter of The Assessment Network of New York. Volume 3, Issue 3, Fall 2014.

Veronica Tichenor, Julia McQuillan, Arthur L. Greil, Raleigh Contreras, and Karina Shreffler. 2011. “The Importance of Fatherhood to U.S. Married and Cohabiting Men,” Fathering 9:232-2.

Earning More and Getting Less: Why Successful Wives Can’t Buy Equality. Rutgers University Press, 2005.

Joanne Joseph, Ph.D.

Interests and Awards
Dr. Joseph is a social/clinical psychologist with diverse interests in the areas of adverse childhood experiences, trauma, resilience and physical health. Her current research focuses on the effects of adverse childhood experiences on pregnancy outcomes, epigenetics, PTSD in military veterans and bullying. Dr. Joseph is the recipient of a number of teaching and service awards including the SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching and the SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Service. As a practicing clinician, Dr. Joseph regularly consults for health care agencies and K-12 schools.

Select Publications
Thistleton, W., Wormuth J., Joseph J. 2012. A Cottage Model for Eldercare. Health Environments Research and Design Journal. Vol 5, No 3 99-114.

Bankert, E., Joseph, J., & Sellers, K. 2010. Chapter: Global initiatives for service-based learning among faculty and students. In Global Giving Through Teaching: How Nurse Educators are Changing the World, NLN Foundation and Springer Publishing.

The Resilient Child: Preparing Today's Youth for Tomorrow's World, 1994. Insight Books.

Jarrett Rose, PhD

Research Interests 
Dr. Rose is a sociologist of mental health and wellbeing, psychedelic culture and therapy, and global health. His current research uses cultural and social-psychological frameworks to analyze “therapeutic communities” in group-based psychedelic-assisted therapy retreats. In this work he explores how social and emotional connection and group dynamics impact trauma reduction, healing, and self-transformation. Dr. Rose has also worked in the field of global health, studying the sociopolitical aspects influencing the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak and response in West Africa. 

Select Publications
Rose, Jarrett Robert. Forthcoming. “Turn On, Tune In, and Paddle Out: A Sociological Theory of Culture, Consciousness, and Coproduction in Surfing’s Psychedelic Era.” In Roll and Flow: The Cultural Politics of Skateboarding and Surfing, edited by Kristin Lawler, Michael James Roberts, and David Cline  
Rose, Jarrett Robert, Ali, S. Harris, and Kathryn Wells. 2023. “Evolving Social Riskscapes in the Ebola Virus Disease Response in Liberia: The Role of Risk Perception, Trust, and Place” Social Theory & Health.  
Ali, S. Harris, Jarrett Robert Rose. 2022. “The Post-Colonialist Condition, Suspicion, and Social Resistance During the West African Ebola Epidemic: The Importance of Frantz Fanon for Global Health.” Social Science & Medicine; 

Rose, Jarrett Robert. 2022. “The Basics of Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy Retreats.” Psychology Today. Interviewed by Lucas Richert, PhD.   

Epstein, Iris, Jarrett Robert Rose, Linda Juergensen, Roxanne Mykitiuk, Katie MacEntee, and Lindsay Stephens. 2021. “Thinking Rhizomatically and Becoming Successful with Disabled Students in the Accommodations Assemblage: Using Storytelling as Method.” Nursing Inquiry. 

Rose, Jarrett Robert. 2021. “Decolonizing Western Psychedelic Consciousness: The Therapeutic and Social Implications of Indigenous Plant Medicine Knowledge.” Canada Watch, pp. 17-18. Special Issue on Critical Perspectives on Mental Health/Mad Studies.


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