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The Computer and Information Sciences department’s computer systems utilize the UNIX operating system and Microsoft Windows XP on its workstations and are interconnected on a 100Mbps high speed network. Multiple file servers that are accessible both on and off campus support the central disk storage of user files. In addition to providing disk storage to computer science and information systems majors, additional servers support the Computer Science department website, databases (mySQL, PostresSQL, and Oracle), 16 lines for dialup connections, and many other services.

The Computer Science department maintains 5 labs which contain a mix of operating systems and software. All Departmental labs are equipped with the latest software to support instruction and experimentation in programming, data processing, client-server and distributed computing (networking, system administration and interoperability with other platforms), and collaborative computing (web development, videoconferencing, multimedia). High-speed Laser printers are available for producing typeset-quality documents.

The Computer Science Department network offers access to many other computing facilities on the campus network. It provides a rich environment for students to gain experience with computer systems and networks. Computer Science Department networks are connected directly to the campus 45Mbps Internet gateway.

The UNIX-based operating systems available include FreeBSD, Gentoo Linux, and Solaris. This part of the network is known as the DogNET, in reference to the naming scheme used for the machines.

The Windows environment includes the latest PC hardware available running on the latest proven Microsoft Windows operating system available, which is currently Windows XP.

Student administrator positions are available for those who are interested in the field of System/Network Administration. Stop by our workroom in Kunsela C122 if you are interested.

DogNET UNIX Labs (Kunsela Hall C012 and C107) – provide access to UNIX workstations (named after dogs). Twenty-Five workstations (currently Pentium IV/3.4GHz with 17″ flat-panel monitors) are in the C012 classroom lab. These machines run on the Gentoo Linux operating system and provide access to over 500 programs for Internet access, multimedia applications, publishing, programming compilers, etc. The C012 lab is open for use when classes are not in session and for limited night and weekend hours. The C107 UNIX lab contains workstations running the latest version of the FreeBSD operating system. This lab is used for computer science courses in operating systems, networking, web development, and system administration.

MS Windows Labs (Kunsela Hall C014 and C109) –provide access to the Microsoft Windows operating system and software. The C014 classroom lab contains twenty-five workstations (currently Pentium Core 2 Due 2.4GHz with 2gb RAM) and is open for use when classes are not in session. The C109 special purpose lab contains 2 workstations and is ideal for small groups working collaboratively on projects. They support instruction and experimentation in object-oriented programming, client-server and distributed computing (networking, system administration and interoperability with other platforms), collaborative computing (web development, videoconferencing, multimedia). Programming environments supported include SUN Java, Visual Studio NET (C#, J#, C++, Visual Basic), Fortran90, Prolog, LISP, APL. Application software includes Microsoft Office, Frontpage, Publisher, Visio, Matlab and Maple. Each system contains a DVD writer and a color laser printer is available in C014. Both labs are open for limited night and weekend hours.

24×7 Open Lab (Kunsela Hall B118) –provide around the clock access to the hardware and software that can be found in our other classroom labs. This lab is conveniently located across from University Police and always available for use.


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