Finance - Online Program

Designed to expand employment possibilities and open doors in your current career, SUNY Poly offers a fully online Bachelor of Science in Finance (Online BSF) program to meet the educational needs of learners or professionals who have job obligations, service duties, or family responsibilities. This Online BSF can be completed at a pace that fits your schedule. The flexibility enabled by the online environment empowers you to earn a BSF degree from anywhere you need to be.

The Online BSF is right for you if you have:

  • completed at least 45 semester credits at an accredited institution of higher education, OR
  • three or more years of full-time work experience (or equivalent) following the completion of a high school diploma

Admission Criteria

To be admitted to the Online BSF program, applicants need to review the admission criteria detailed and itemized in SUNY Poly’s catalog, and apply accordingly.

Degree Requirements

Details of degree requirements for Bachelor of Science in Finance are specified in SUNY Poly’s catalog.

Availability of asynchronously online classes for students who have been admitted to the Online Bachelor of Science in Finance program:

Fall Semester Spring Semester
ACC 201 ACC 205
ACC 385 BUS 485
BUS 101 MGS 411
BUS 105 MGT 307
BUS 451 MGT 318
FIN 302 FIN 341
*Offered online Spring 2024, 2026, etc.
FIN 332
*Offered Online Fall 2023, 2025, etc
FIN 420
*Offered online Spring 2024, 2026, etc.
FIN 411
*Offered Online Fall 2023, 2025, etc.
MKT 301  



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